Körber presents the first Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution developed specifically for tissue converters


Digitization is a worldwide trend that everyone is catching up to: the goal of manufacturers is to create their own smart factory solution that, thanks to digitization and computerization, is able to better organize operations by connecting the business side and the production side.
The benefits of a digital factory are real: the increase in production efficiency comes from the ability not only to use production lines to the maximum, but also to better organize the workforce by optimizing resources and reducing waste.

However, the tissue sector has specific needs and requires partners who can fully understand them. This is why Körber responded by seamlessly combining two of the Group’s areas of expertise: the converting part of the Körber Business Area Tissue and the software part of Kodis, a company specialized in the integration of systems and industrial software.

Sebastian Jhon Nino Digital Sales Representative comments: “At Körber in recent months we have worked to achieve the convergence between lean manufacturing and factory digitalization, creating strategic value for our customers with innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of production sites. Combining their expertise, Körber Tissue and Kodis have developed Tissue MOM, the Manufacturing Operations Management (TMOM) solution created specifically for tissue converters”.

TMOM is a complete solution that allows real-time control of the four areas in the factory: production (MES), quality, maintenance, intralogistics, and warehouse processes.

The modules suite is able to manage the manufacturing process from end-to-end, such as production recipes, electronic job instructions and order requirements for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), reporting production performance results and the materials utilized.

The advantages of using TMOM are:

  • OEE improvement, thanks to work planning and a reduction of hours dedicated to measurements, inspections and reports
  • Reduction of waste, typing errors, complaints, inefficient warehouse management and downtime
  • Ease of use: TMOM can be used by any type of user and can be used for both mobile devices, industrial PCs, and desktops.

Franco Franceschi Performance Services Manager concludes: “Both belonging to the Körber Group allows us to meet the most demanding customer needs in terms of speed, choice, and technologically advanced solutions, while also being able to draw on the technological expertise of approximately 10,000 Group employees. TMOM is the result of this collaboration that has combined the expertise of the most advanced and complete supplier in the world of tissue technologies with one of the biggest experts in integration of production systems “.