IM GROUP listed in Europe’s top 10 chemical tech solutions providers 2021


Headquartered in Italy, IM GROUP, a global technology leader focused on reliability, offers total process engineering through its brands: Inkmaker, Rexson, Vale-tech, Swesa, Teko and Tecnopails. The Group’s core business—predominantly in the paint, coatings, ink and chemical industry—offers design and manufacturing through to complete engineering studies and turnkey solutions for; customised plant engineering and software design; highly accurate automated dispensing; process equipment from bulk handling to filling lines; POS equipment and other related services.

“We have invested significantly in the global evolution of our Group—from systems and processes, software and technology through to human capital and the acquisition of several companies with specific expertise. All of this was recently revealed in the international media with the rebranding of our Inkmaker Group to IM GROUP. This recognition, by Manufacturing Technology Insights, therefore comes as a great honour to us and we would like to thank the judges for their exhaustive research at arriving at their decision,” said Christophe Rizzo, CEO EMEA / Americas, IM GROUP.

Several criteria attracted Manufacturing Technology Insights to IM GROUP, amongst which the group’s technological and automated systems. IM GROUP, renowned in the industry for its leading proprietary software—the brain behind its installations and machines—and its systems which are manufactured in 3 continents, guarantee highly accurate colours consistently, precisely and instantly in the 15 countries, throughout the 5 continents, where it operates.

IM GROUP, already renowned as one of Asia’s leading process-engineering solutions providers—and who last year expanded their factory premises in China to double its previous size—is highly respected in the industry for its unique strategy of employing a dual-CEO leadership. This, the Group advocates, focuses their attention more intently either side of the globe. Roberto Guerra, CEO Asia Pacific, IM GROUP, who is currently visiting the Italian headquarters concluded, “Industry 4.0 technology and smart factories are at the drivers of our growth. This nomination, although specifically for Europe, is significant throughout all our brands and geographical locations, we are very proud of our colleagues and the prestigious recognition they have brought the entire Group.”