A special Super Simplex HD by Nordmeccanica for Laminati Cavanna


    Laminati Cavanna, in the midst of the “lockdown”, with great courage and vision, has signed an agreement with Nordmeccanica for the purchase of a Super Simplex HD solventless laminator, enhanced, for special materials laminating. A sign of hope and desire to look to the future with optimism. We talk about it with Anna Paola Cavanna and Vincenzo Cerciello

    Vincenzo Cerciello and Anna Paola Cavanna toast
    to a successful future for their respective companies,
    and a rebirth also for the city of Piacenza – Italy

    A project that was for some time in the drawer of Anna Paola Cavanna, vice president of the family business: with determination and that pinch of courage, also necessary to look to the future with a little positivity, the purchase was carried out right in the middle of Covid-19 emergency. The ideas of Anna Paola and her team were clear. Following its usual approach, when the company understands the need to be met, and identifies on the market the right machine to acquire, the most was done. A telephone call was then enough, and also considering the proximity between Laminati Cavanna and Nordmeccanica, in a few days the signing of the contract for the purchase of a high-end Super Simplex HD 1500 laminator was finalized, The equipment will be delivered next September at the headquarters of Laminati Cavanna in Calendasco (Pc). This new machine will go alongside 3 other Nordmeccanica machines: three solvent-based, and two solventless (one Simplex and one Super Simplex).
    “We worked at very high rhythms in March and April, while from May on the situation has become a little more relaxed, although production volumes and our work remain still high”, tells Anna Paola Cavanna, who in these months of emergency has always been in the front line with its staff, committed to supplying food and pharmaceutical sectors with packaging, which represent the core business of the subcontractor located in Piacenza.

    A single department dedicated to laminating
    With the arrival in September of the new Super Simplex HD by Nordmeccanica, Laminati Cavanna will reorganize its laminating department, with the disposal of two old machines, which will be replaced by the new investment, which will guarantee higher productivity. In addition to the new laminator, another laminator already in service for years at Laminati Cavanna will be moved to the department, to create a complete laminating department with 5 lines (three solvent-based and two solvent-less). A new layout of the production department with precise and organized material flows, to optimize processes in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and BRC certifications, ensuring very high quality standards. In addition, when the department is fully operational, the company will organize the department with two shifts.
    “After a few years we went back to work together with Nordmeccanica and Cerciello family. In particular, the negotiation was carried out with Vincenzo Cerciello, who proved to be extremely helpful and very competent from a technical point of view, helping us to configure the machine according to our specific needs”, comments Anna Paola Cavanna.
    The new Super Simplex HD will laminate special structures for food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors, both with traditional materials but also with recyclable and compostable ones for various applications such as double coextruded potato chips and snack bags, APET, Polystyrene or PP trays, PVC blisters, thermal paper and PP labels; pouches for mozzarella and vacuum rice in NY/PE.
    “The configuration of our new laminator is greater than its standard because we are going to produce structures with extremely high thicknesses and in common agreement with Vincenzo, we have chosen enhanced diameters, band, pitches and thicknesses. Right now we are experimenting on samples with new compostable materials, on the solvent machine we are testing new water-based adhesives. Now it is difficult to identify where the market will go, but we are studying and testing different solutions to be ready. Certainly the Covid-19 problem has moved the lens that has been fixed for years on plastic, demonizing extremely this material. Personally I am not a keen supporter of plastic at all costs, even if I work with it and it represents my reference sector, but there is no doubt that plastic in food and pharmaceutical sector is a guarantee of safety and in this emergency, during which consumers have understood the importance of hygiene in food and pharmaceutical products, plastic has certainly been reevaluated. For now, the government has moved the Plastic Tax to 2021, but it is clear that it is not enough, and also in light of what happened, with disposable masks and gloves dispersed in the environment, we really hope that it is the right time to tackle the problem.

    Vincenzo Cerciello, Nordmeccanica vice president

    A comment on this sale, which in light of the experienced moment in your city Piacenza, particularly affected by pandemic, takes on a flavor of revenge and desire to look to the future despite everything.

    Vincenzo Cerciello, vice president of Nordmeccanica

    “First of all, allow me to thank Laminati Cavanna, Cavanna family and its staff for the trust they have placed in our products and in our company. Considering what has happened in our city, the sale of this machine is a positive sign of how our companies continue to believe in their business realities by investing in the latest generation systems through collaborations and strategic partnerships. I emphasize with extreme satisfaction and pride that a company like Laminati Cavanna considers us its partner for its technological development. The partnership with our customers has always been part of our DNA: we will continue with our attitude despite this difficult period because proximity to our customers is the hallmark of a market leader and characterizes Nordmeccanica”.

    Can you describe the equipment acquired by Laminati Cavanna?
    “The machine is a laminator that meets the most stringent standards both in terms of food and environmental safety. In fact, it manages very easily solvent-free adhesive laminations which, as the word itself says, are solvent-free and therefore eco-friendly. Furthermore, due to its mechanical strength and its film management control completely developed on SIEMENS platform, it allows you to use any type of material from the thinnest to the thickest with excellent results. Furthermore, it is a machine that respects Industry 4.0 since all the values ​​of the machine and the connected peripherals are linked to PC machine in order to have a complete production management with a consequent quality tracking, nowadays indispensable to meet the needs of our customers”.