With RTS, box manufacturer Saico gets the consecration among the big companies of cardboard sector


Historical Umbrian reality in the sector of the production of industrial corrugated cardboard packaging, Saico is a box factory in step with times and has grown in size and market share thanks to continuous and prudent investments. The change of the management information system with RTS software solutions was the last decisive step towards a smart and 4.0 production

Never as in this case the change in the management system, that is the heart of a growing company in terms of size, production volumes and turnover, has been decisive for facing a complicated period like this that we are experiencing due to Covid-19 emergency. Even if we are in Umbria, a region fortunately not hardly affected by the virus, the consequences of the emergency have also been experienced by companies such as Saico. It was crucial to leave home in smart working the administrative and commercial staff who, thanks to the transition to the new RTSv8 management system, could manage its activities without any problems.
But let’s go in order, we were virtually in Città di Castello, in the province of Perugia, to hear from Francesca Polveroni (daughter of the founder and owner of the company), the details of the latter important investment, which in fact decrees the entry of Saico into the world of the most important companies of corrugated cardboard sector.

RTS management software from dream to reality
“The company was founded by my father in 1971 with five collaborators. We mainly serve the furniture factories in the area, GDO, clothing and we are reference partners for cardboard converting industries in the area.
We are equipped to meet any type of corrugated cardboard packaging requirement, from small to bigger print runs. Being in the industry for over 30 years, I know RTS and its software solutions that I have always looked at as a goal to be achieved.
Over the years I had the opportunity to work with systems of other competing software houses, however I have always considered RTS the best for the corrugated cardboard sector and I dreamed of having it also in my company, sure that it would seal a goal of a growth path that we can actually say we have reached today”, Francesca Polveroni begins, also underlining that for a company that has 40 employees, with different production lines, it is absolutely necessary to have a management software capable of supporting the box factory in each department. Saico is a family-run business, Francesca is supported by her husband, and her son Luca, who together with Maichol Grilli, has given the decisive impulse to face the step towards an increasingly smart and 4.0-oriented management.
Saico box factory operates in a site of approximately 7,500 sm, and thanks to continuous investments in technology, today it boasts a machine park consisting of an EMBA 4-color casemaker installed about four years ago (thanks to this installation a double work shift was established), then there are 4 other casemakers complete with handling system, a digital cutting plotter and an automatic platen. The next installation of a 4-corner folder-gluer is also confirmed by Francesca. The company can also count on an automated logistics system with 4.0 shuttle for handling pallets in the warehouse, ready for deliveries guaranteed by the 8 own means of transport that allow Saico to be extremely flexible in delivering to customers.

Your relationship with RTS has started only recently, can you tell us when and why you trusted RTS as a partner for the software management of your business processes?
“RTS has always been a point of reference for me and I have followed, even as a not-customer, the evolution of their products.
We had only to wait for the right moment to take the big step, an investment that is certainly important, but in just a few months, it is already giving us incredible results.
Now everything is tidier and even in production our collaborators have accepted this change with great enthusiasm, above all because they appreciate the advantages for their work too.
From goods entry into the warehouse, to the traceability of the products along the various stages of the process, up to final invoicing, now everything is under control and automated.
The reports that this software can process, the order accounting, the data made available and easily understandable, are indispensable tools for the management of a modern box factory equipped with multiple production lines.
Although the implementation phase of the modules is not yet finished, we are very satisfied with RTS and we hope to be able to fully exploit its potential by the end of the year. Already now the work has lightened, we are more punctual with deliveries.
We are also in network with the corrugated cardboard producers who also use the RTS system and we take full advantage of the synergy. We were already convinced of RTS before the purchase and from the first meetings we realized the goodness of the investment”.

What are the features you most appreciated in RTS applications?
“The cost analysis was one of the first elements that positively affected us.
All our machines are connected to the new management system, which always allows us to have the whole production situation under control.
We have eliminated all useless paper from our desks and made efficient communication within us and towards customers and suppliers. In addition, in this lockdown period, thanks to the new management system, some clerical positions were able to work from home without any problem accessing the corporate data essential for carrying out their work.
Today, thanks to the precise knowledge of all commercial and production costs, we have been able to establish a sort of rewarding system for our collaborators, who are thus encouraged to do better and better”.

Marco Trastu – RTS Sistemi Informativi

Installing and starting a new system so strategic for the company is challenging. Do you want to tell us how you dealt with it and how did RTS support you and continue to be by you?
“The most demanding job was to transfer data from the old to the new system, with some difficulties when we used both the old and the new systems. After this period, from 1 December 2019 we started with the new management system without any problems.
The support of RTS has been precise and punctual from the first moments and we have found in Marco Trastu a very competent consultant, able to enter our business reality and guide us in this transition. Even my son and Maichol, who have followed the whole process of installing and starting the system, are enthusiastic about the new possibilities that RTS offers us”.

What other benefits do you aim to achieve at full capacity?
“The next step of the project will be to install Easystock for the automatic management of the finished product and raw material warehouses. In line with RTS methodology, this step will be implemented once all the data necessary to fully exploit its potential are present”.
In 2021 Saico will celebrate 50 years of activity, and the hope of Francesca and her family is to be able to celebrate this important milestone with a nice party together with the collaborators, customers and suppliers once they have emerged from the moment of emergency.

The new management system to support the sales network
Riccardo Maraldi representative for Romagna this year celebrates 10 of activities at Saico: the company owners thank him for the valuable collaboration shown over all these years. From now on also for Maraldi, with the arrival of RTS software, it will be easier to manage customers, thanks to the order book that he receives daily, with daily control of shipments and all alerts part of RTS system.