Hybrid Software-Z DUE: total integration


A cutting-edge company like Z DUE could only rely on Hybrid Software to increase security, efficiency and reduce errors using the native Packz PDF editor, the complete Cloudflow workflow (online production and approval workflow, personalized interface based on management software data with data viewing throughout the entire workflow), IC3D (3D graphics creation software)


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Hybrid Software, a subsidiary of Hybrid Software Group, was founded in 2007 with the simple goal to provide the missing link between MIS systems, web-to-print portals and prepress workflow. Its product line has expanded to include automated production workflows, customizable job ticketing, customer-facing communication portals, resource-based scheduling, and control of critical production files.

Cloudflow workflow, Packz and Stepz editors, and print quality assurance solutions deliver a unique set of benefits that include native PDF workflows, enterprise cloud solutions, scalable technology with low cost of ownership, and direct integration with main MIS solutions and output devices. These products are used by thousands of customers around the world and in all areas of prepress and printing, including labels and packaging, folding cartons, corrugated, wide format and digital printing.

Hate and love for PDFs: Hybrid Software supports and resolves

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The need to modify the PDFs received from customers is the heart of the graphic work for pre-press and more generally the automation of the production process and the centralized management of order data are fundamental for a printing company, because these actions carried out in the most precise possible way allow an increase in productivity but also a better control of production costs.

There are many software tools available for printing companies but the problem is precisely the communication between software and use of data. Well, the software offered by Hybrid Software do just this: they allow you to consult and use data quickly and safely within the graphic production flow. For this reason, Z DUE, a prepress service with various offices in Italy and abroad, uses the native Packz PDF editor, the complete Cloudflow workflow (production workflow and online approval, personalized interface based on management software data with data viewing throughout the entire workflow), IC3D (3D graphics creation software).

It can be said that Hybrid Software tailors solutions to customer needs, adapting its system based on a study of the problems detected. Its strength, compared to generalist software houses, is its specialization in the graphics sector. Hybrid Software speaks the language of the graphics industry, because it knows the production flows and the technologies used and above all the problems in production and this makes the understanding of problems and their resolution more effective and faster. “And in the world of prepress this approach is not common. In short, Hybrid Software listened to us, with the determination to analyze the various problems and propose solutions, customizing the various software to meet our needs”, says Marco Mingozzi.


The relationship between the two companies began 20 years ago when Luca Rossi, who is now regional manager for Hybrid Software in Italy, worked for another software house and spent a lot of time at Z DUE providing assistance. The relationship lasted over time and then when “I started working for Hybrid Software, I introduced to Z DUE the Packz editor and the Proofscope online approval system (part of the Cloudflow workflow). The first Hybrid Software product that entered the company was Packz and then expanded to all stations to work directly with PDF instead of using a dedicated format as was done before and at the same time the workflow was developed. Today there are over 40 Packz packages operating in the company”, says Luca Rossi.

Gradually automation was introduced more and more and many processes that were done manually were automated, then workflows were developed to help carry out repetitive actions automatically. Z DUE subsequently tried to better organize the data already present in its management software through a portal completely created ad hoc by Hybrid Software, called Jobs.

Subsequently Hybrid Software built a dedicated interface for each processing department, so the operators have the data they need without having to open the management system, and directly from the interface they control the various phases of the workflow, and this can be done also by operators who work in other offices, far from the Z DUE main office which is located in Castelfranco Emilia (MO).


“This ‘management software’ is constantly evolving, precisely because needs change, but, I repeat, Hybrid Software stands out precisely because it not only has important know-how but is also flexible, since it has developed solutions that have fully satisfied our needs which are constantly changing”, says Andrea Mingozzi, founder and owner of Z DUE.

In fact, this integrated system is constantly evolving, the latest update concerns the collection of data relating to plate production, such as waste for each type of plate, the production process, the thickness.

With software by Hybrid Software Z DUE has achieved global optimization of the entire workflow, and its efficiency has increased. Now we want to get to the next level: Hybrid Software is creating customized interfaces for our customers, who will no longer have to send files via email or simple FTP portals, but they will be able to upload the material to a specific portal that allows them to communicate everything that may be needed for the production of their plates”, announces Andrea Mingozzi.

Secure testing and fast approval


With Proofscope you avoid having to print proofs, because with the Proofscope Viewer tool, integrated with Cloudflow workflows, you can preview the PDF file and inspect it by viewing the transparencies and overprints of the same colors that will be printed on the press.

Proofscope is a very useful tool both for printers, who are able to preview their print file (and the proof), applying notes, corrections and above all always working only on a single file, and for pre-press graphic operators. The PDF control and management system, whether it is a draft approval or a print file, is much more advanced and secure than in the past. Graphic designers work more safely and with a lower risk of delivering non-compliant products to the printer customer. Finally, thanks to the Hybrid Software system, all operators located in the various Z DUE offices can work in unison in the same system and in the same ways.

For us at Z DUE it is essential to keep the entire process under control. Automation, production efficiency and reduction of non-conformities are the most important goals we have achieved so far with Hybrid Software. Goals that can still be improved thanks to continuous collaboration and common growth”, concludes Marco Mingozzi.