PRINTINGPACK: from commercial printer to cardboard packaging and label specialist


PrintingPack was born in 2012 from the merger of several companies mainly in the commercial sector, who decided to join forces to create a center specialized in the graphics and printing of paper and board products and labels with the aim of following the customer with excellent service and quality standards thanks to the support of technological partners of absolute importance starting from Esko which accompanied the company on its growth path

Printingpack Marino Vieri
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The history of PRINTINGPACK could be absolutely comparable to the evolutionary path of the commercial graphics sector, which grew and developed from the economic boom of the 1960s until the 1980s and 1990s. Years in which printing companies were born, grew, had margins to invest and look to the future with the usual perspectives. Then came the 2000s, the global crisis that brought the economy to its knees, upending entire sectors, including graphic industry sector, which especially with the advent of digital printing opened up to new horizons. And it is precisely in 2012 that PRINTINGPACK was born from the experience of different companies in the graphic and cardboard converting sector, in one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany, the Florentine Chianti. Today the company boasts two production plants, in Sambuca Val di Pesa, one dedicated to the printing sector and the other to the paper converting department.

PRINTINGPACK in fact, following the new trends of the 2000s, converts itself from commercial printing to packaging sector, specializing in particular in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, with a large and modern fleet of machines for the production of a wide range of products such as cases, leaflets, displays, back-blisters, envelopes, labels and more.

The company is animated by a great passion, as only those who have solid roots within the graphic world can have and today the enthusiasm has also grown, hand in hand with the successes achieved in recent years by combining attention and care of the customer with the issues related to sustainable production, without losing sight of the qualitative aspect.

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PRINTINGPACK’s vision to serve the packaging market at 360°

The company is today considered a primary interlocutor for all packaging needs, with a highly innovative vision, where the entire production process is under control and where obviously software solutions, together with cutting-edge production technologies, play an extremely important role. The processes are then scrupulously followed from graphic design, pre-press, printing and then up to the finished product. At the same time, the recording of specific information, linked to each individual production, guarantees qualitative continuity in all subsequent reprints to optimize future manufacturing processes.


The range of solutions ranges from flexible primary packaging for food, printed in web on any type of paper or plastic film, to 1-colour flexo printing for the back of aluminum blisters, to secondary packaging in cardboard, cases, displays, and all those service printed materials such as pharmaceutical information leaflets, leaflets, catalogs and finally printed labels. In 2020, with the pandemic, PRINTIPACK also put all its experience to good use, including a new line for takeaway food in the range of cardboard packaging solutions, effectively opening up to a new sector.

The importance of Esko as a partner for pre-press department


PRINTINGPACK with the support of Esko has revised its organization and management of the pre-press phase, with constant support in the installation and operator training phase which immediately gave the expected benefits in the technical-commercial management of the products.

In particular, with the inclusion of Esko’s Automation Engine, the design and file preparation processes for the production of cases and labels have been optimized, completely eliminating all systematic routine work.

The importance of automation lies not only in the optimization of processes and in increasing production speed, but in the control and greater security for the usability and disposal of information within the supply chain.

“Among the various Esko features implemented, the ones with the greatest impact were those managed in common with any type of printout and mainly concerned color management and file optimization. In any case, it is important to underline how the interface itself that uses the Esko software integrates an intuitive solution that has helped efficiency in function searches”, comments Silvio del Bono, quality manager of PRINTINGPACK.

Esko therefore supported the Tuscan company in a crucial phase of change, helping its customer to adapt to new production needs, without particular problems, as the CEO of PRINTINGPACK Marino Vieri says: “among the software we have implemented, Automation Engine certainly stands for its significant impact and the need for more intensive support from Esko who had to adapt it completely to our internal management. Thanks to the implementation of Automation Engine we had the opportunity to work together with Esko technicians to be able to personalize our internal management through a dialogue with information released by the management system, implemented by the graphics and redistributed neatly for printing”.