Vega Easypack and Rotopack: automation and versatility at the highest levels


The world of packaging is constantly developing and Vega Srl – historic company located in Paderno Dugnano (Milan) – is always attentive to the new needs of customers and partners.

From the left Claudio Pini with Jacopo Nava, President of Vega

“Since 1947 our focus and know-how have been unique: we produce folder-gluers, in a dynamic balance that allows us to evolve and at the same time synthesize only the best of our 70 years of experience in the sector. The result that makes us most proud is having reached the highest levels of automation, speeding up the production process and improving the quality of the work of the operators at the end of the line”, says Jacopo Nava, president of Vega Srl.


All this is made possible thanks to Vega Easypack and Rotopack, unique solutions that facilitate and allow the semi-automatic and automatic collection of boxes. Both are the result of the synergy between Vega Srl and Claudio Pini, former owner of Revicart: Vega Srl has acquired its know-how, and now he is a collaborator of Vega also in the field of design and development of new technologies.

Easypack and Rotopack in detail
Vega Easypack counts and separates the shingled folded boxes from the folder-gluer pressure mat to create parcels of boxes. With a careful and accurate analysis of the types of boxes that the customer produces, it is possible to offer various collection solutions starting from a semi-automatic solution with single or fully automatic strapping. Also available are the counting, formation and ejection of the parcel with automatic in-line strapping by means of two heads.
The advantage? No longer having to manually collect and separate the stacks of boxes to be strapped (a tiring operation that often causes delays in the processing phases), the folder-gluer reaches maximum productivity.
Vega Rotopack, on the other hand, was created to rotate, overturn and overlap every single half-parcel of boxes, preparing it for the most suitable palletizing process. Rotopack palletizes up to 6 half-parcels in a single parcel of boxes, before strapping operation. Fully automated, it can be connected to any strapping unit on the market and used in line with any Vega folder-gluer.

Both Vega Easypack and Vega Rotopack are compatible with every type of box on the market: in-line, with automatic bottom, with 4 or 6 corners in the dimensions 220×200 up to 1200×1200 mm.

Face to face with Claudio Pini, Vega srl collaborator and ex-owner of Revicart

How do Vega Easypack and Vega Rotopack improve productivity and production efficiency?
“Automating the end of line has always been the most frequent request from customers and both machines arrive to give a concrete response to market needs. Many operators feel fatigued already after a few hours of work and report annoying physical consequences in the long term, such as chronic pain in the hands and shoulders, carpal tunnel and other issues. Furthermore, often one person alone is not enough to collect and palletize boxes at an adequate speed of folder-gluers.
Vega Rotopack, combined with Vega Easypack, helps the operator by automating this process. The intent is complete automation: Rotopack can be combined with any binding machine, so that the boxes are palletized and tied; process that allows the presence of only one person for the whole line”.

What are the impressions of customers who have already tested Vega Easypack and Vega Rotopack?
“Those who have already purchased them enthusiastically recognize both an improvement on the production side and on the health side of their employees (finally relieved from an exhausting and tiring job).
Among the most appreciated features of Vega Easypack and Rotopack, we certainly find the possibility of using them separately and to easily exclude the two modules from the end of the line. If, for example, the boxes to be collected are smaller than 220 mm or larger than 1200 mm, the units can be excluded and the standard collection can be easily set up”.

What makes you most proud of this project?
“All the best innovations are the result of direct requests from customers with particular needs, even extremely complex and difficult to implement. Every need turns into a challenge to perform always better and to reach the best possible goal. To do this, it is essential to listen to the customer and have a great motivation in being able to create a 100% customized solution. This is my satisfaction too”.

How do you see the future of Vega in the light of these three years of collaboration?
“When I arrived in Vega, I didn’t know what I was going to do and how I would find myself. Yet as soon as I met the staff of the technical department, I recognized in each of them a great desire to do anything at their best and the ability to pay attention to the smallest detail. I can only be pleased to acknowledge that I have great faith in Vega and I am happy to be able to work with people who I consider skilled. So I see the future full of projects, whose ingredients are the same as always: technology, passion and great human potential”.

Remo Paiola, Commercial Director of Vega

The opinion of Remo Paiola, commercial director of Vega Srl

What are the needs that led Vega to produce Vega Rotopack?
“The need arises from the customer’s request to have complete automation of folding and gluing line, with overturning of the half-parcels to ensure that the ejected parcel is already turned in both directions. This makes palletizing more stable to proceed with automatically strapping, so that the presence of an operator in charge of the collection is not necessary, making the line faster and more performing”.

When is it better to choose Vega Easypack and when Vega Rotopack?
“This choice must be studied with the customer, with those who work on the machine. For us it is essential to know the individual needs of the customer to suggest and propose the best solution. Vega folder-gluers are very versatile and flexible: they lend themselves to the most imaginative needs of each customer. If the customer’s box can be collected fully automatically, you can opt for Vega Rotopack. Otherwise, if for the customer’s needs or for the type of box, partial collection is the best choice, our advice is Vega Easypack”.