Tadam: with customized flexo screens another step towards high quality

From the left Bruno Amadio, Stefania Giorgi and Chiara Gentili of Tadam

Technological investments on one hand and in training on the other, combined with the great passion and determination of Bruno Amadio, Stefania Giorgi and Chiara Gentili, have led this prepress service located in Marche to make the leap in quality in the world of flexo printing on cardboard and paper flexible packaging, so much so that Tadam was chosen as the reference supplier of important multinational groups

Tadam, based a few kilometers from Ascoli Piceno, was born and raised in the world of offset printing, with a particular dedication to color and quality control thanks to important orders for the pharmaceutical packaging industry, that allowed the company to come into contact with the big brands in the sector. In 2001 the company experienced the epochal change when, thanks to a happy intuition of its owner and founder Bruno Amadio, the company embarked on the path that will lead it to be one of the reference prepress services in the world of high quality corrugated cardboard, and not only this. In fact, while cardboard represents 70% of Tadam’s turnover, the remaining 30% comes from paper-based flexible packaging sector, making this company a dynamic service capable of satisfying various needs in the packaging printing market. However, if in corrugated market Tadam serves companies with various needs, as regards paper sacks and bags, especially by virtue of the relationship with world-class players, the request is only for high quality.

“I have always had the pursuit of high quality as a point of reference, an element that has been taken for granted for years for flexible packaging, but perhaps less for corrugated cardboard, where low quality printing was considered enough. Obviously the packaging market has also changed a lot in corrugated cardboard sector and today the demand for high quality has become a constant in this sector too. Today, speaking of high quality in the world of cardboard also means being able to support the customer in the start-up phase, which is always faster, both for traditional and more complex HD jobs”, Bruno Amadio tells us, a technical-commercial professional, has finally resumed traveling and gives us this interview between one appointment and another, driving his car, “we immediately believed in the Kodak Flexcel NX system and thanks to Gerardo Budetti of Scatolificio Sada who gave us trust, we began to produce plates with complex graphics for high quality printing on corrugated cardboard, succeeding test after test to work with medium-sized private companies but also large multinational groups, obtaining their validation as suppliers of plates for high quality”, says Bruno with great satisfaction.

Continuous investments in technology and training
Today Tadam has a production structure with 30 collaborators. The company invested a lot in the graphics department where 4 new people have been hired in the last year, 3 laser imaging systems, 2 Vianord washing lines, one of which has just been installed, 3 plate mounters, 10 Pack Hybrid stations just to name the most important, “here you can find the best that technology makes available for screening and quality control. Today we are able to dialogue with our customers regarding the approval of proofs and color proofs, drastically reducing production and supply times which for some very important customers were crucial in order to have an increase in orders”, adds Bruno who for this 2021 is determined to take a further step towards innovation.

2021: customized micro-perforated flexo screens
Thanks to the many years of experience acquired with the Kodak Flexcel NX system, now supplied by Miraclon, with the certainty of being able to guarantee the customer a stable and well-defined imaging, with micro-pattern of 5×10 µm DigiCap NX, Tadam has decided to offer to customers customized micro-dots for every type of need and substrate, anilox and inks. With the use of flat top dot imaging with Kodak Flexcel NX system and the evolution of Intelligent Flexo microperforation, Tadam is able to customize the screen of flexo plates. “For us, Kodak Flexcel NX System offers absolutely optimal dot stability and this allows us to develop it further to offer customers additional benefits. The customization of the screen requires a preliminary work of analysis and study of the condition of customer’s printing machine, proposing a specific ad hoc screen. We are experiencing great interest from large companies that have finally understood the importance of dedicating machines and resources to these preliminary analyses to obtain the advantages in the printing phase and therefore excellent quality results”, adds Bruno Amadio.

The attention for the second half of 2021 is turned to November BestinFlexo, a competition where Tadam has been present for some editions and where it has obtained several awards, including a gold medal thanks to a work presented in 2017 with Antonio Group Sada & Figli in flexo post print category on coated corrugated cardboard.

“In 2019 BestinFlexo we won first and second prize in the coated corrugated cardboard category with TS Scatolificio and Antonio Sada e Figli. For 2021 edition of the competition we have a couple of jobs to present, for us it’s crucial to participate, also because it is a very important stage where we compare ourselves with competitors aiming for the highest quality and we have always liked these challenges”, concludes Bruno Amadio.