Foppa Fustelle: certified excellence!


The historical diemaker based in Caravaggio (in the province of Bergamo) has recently been granted important and prestigious certification from BOBST

Foppa Fustelle has become the first diemaker in Italy to be certified by BOBST, a Swiss company and world leader in die-cutter machinery.
This important recognition is the result of constant investment in research and development aimed at improving the performance of die-cutting systems. This commitment has been recognised by BOBST with the BOBST CERTIFIED DIE-MAKER certification, which guarantees a particular focus of attention on quality, productivity and the reliability of the production process and the dies manufactured. The results obtained from the dies render the systems the best-performing on the Italian market.

“Over the course of our company history, technological research has always been accompanied by a particular focus on quality”, stated Franco Foppa Pedretti, president of Foppa Fustelle. “Our goal has been one of constant improvement, both in terms of the production process and for the creation of our dies”.
The new generation of die-cutter machines on the market offers ever-faster processing, but this depends on the systems responding to the specifications of the manufacturer. In order to guarantee consistent high performance, up to 12,000 strikes per hour, converters require high-quality cutting tools. Without these, there is a significant risk of productivity being reduced, partially negating the investment made in acquiring a high-performance die-cutting machine.

In proactively listening to the demands of its clients, Foppa Fustelle has recognised this potential for optimising the process, and was encouraged by BOBST to take part in the ambitious certification programme. This allows die-cutting systems to achieve excellent performance, with the aim, above all, of reducing start-up times. Furthermore, the tools are created to withstand the maximum die-cutting speed while maintaining consistent quality throughout the entire production process and guaranteeing increased durability. In line with characteristic Swiss precision, the certification process is particularly demanding, involving the company as a whole, from procurement to shipping. The technical infrastructure and processes were assessed in detail, and quality control was subjected to in-depth examination.The result is an optimisation of internal processes, with important benefits in terms of manufacturing times and the quality of die-cutting systems. Thanks to dedicated training programmes, the operators have acquired avant-garde manufacturing techniques. These will be continuously improved through an annual training programme involving BOBST specialists. This means that regular updates on the latest advances in technology will be guaranteed, with consequential benefits for the quality of Foppa dies.
Quality and performance have always been considered essential factors for Foppa Fustelle. The certification granted by BOBST has now provided important confirmation of this commitment.

In 1946, in the period that saw Italy dedicate all its energy to shaping the future of the country, Foppa Fustelle, the pioneering diemaker with a passion for technological development, was founded in Caravaggio, in the province of Bergamo. Anticipating the requirements of customers and leading development in the die-cutting sector have always been the cornerstones of the growth and evolution of this historical dieshop.