Scatolificio TS: quality boxes and packaging


The approach given to Scatolificio TS, box manufacturer, which is based in Montecosaro (MC), has been from the beginning to pursue high quality standards both for what concerns the materials to be used and for processing methods: the utmost attention to quality allowed TS to acquire various product areas also thanks to high definition flexographic printing that allows excellent results

Scatolificio TS was founded in 1984 in Civitanova Marche from the entrepreneurial idea of ​​Sauro Tordini, to which after a few years of activity is added the inspiration and professionalism of his brother Eno.

From the left Sauro and Eno Tordini owners of Scatolificio TS

“At the beginning of our business we specialized in the production of boxes for the footwear sector, given the natural presence in the famous leather industrial district: a ferment of small and medium-sized companies to which we have given support and technology for the packaging of footwear, ready to be sold and exported to all national and international markets. Over the years we have experienced exponential growth thanks to the vision and forward-looking choices adopted, especially in the field of high-definition flexographic printing. From a small artisan business we have transformed into a medium-sized cardboard converting company operating in various product sectors such as: footwear, food, wine, clothing and many others, up to becoming official packaging suppliers for companies of national importance”, tells us Eno Tordini.

Since its inception, the company has heavily invested in research and experimentation with new flexographic printing techniques; in particular, it has invested both in the latest generation machinery and related equipment (anilox, inks, papers, with tests and trials on innovative and experimental solutions), and in the latest generation printing systems in continuous evolution, with collaborations aimed at favoring the creation and experimentation with new technical solutions with various suppliers. Today the machinery of the box factory is at the forefront.

Scatolificio TS’s recipe for success
“Today the customer asks for product quality in terms of paper quality, runnability and high definition printing, pre and post sales service and consistency in supplies as well as, obviously, a good quality/price ratio; Technical advice on the design of new products is also essential, carried out with competence and professionalism by our graphics and prototypes office”, explains Tordini.
“More in detail, the factors that contribute to the realization of a winning job are the result of a synergy of different elements: a careful analysis of the type of work to be produced; conversion to flexo of graphics often created for offset; choice of material, type of imaging and anilox; identification of the best features of the printing system that best suits the type of work to be carried out”, adds Eno Tordini.

The future and the importance of national and international awards
Equipped with a profoundly innovative attitude, the company looks to the future by concentrating resources on investments in new, increasingly high-performance and eco-sustainable machinery and on human resources, in order to always be competitive in a constantly evolving market.
In this process, it is meaningful the participation in the Marlic project, a laboratory for sustainable manufacturing born in 2021: eco-sustainability of products, including cardboard, and processes for the development of new materials.

Marlic, acronym of Marche Applied Research Laboratory for Innovative Composites, is based in Camerino, in close connection with Unicam, a university that for years has paid particular attention to the development of organic materials and to the circularity of the use and reuse of post-industrial and post-consumer waste. To date, the cluster is made up of 21 companies, which will study composite materials, from aluminum to cellulose, from plastic to waste originating from agricultural production and the food industry, creating a real applied research laboratory. The project is promoted by Marche Region and carried out by private companies, universities and prestigious bodies such as Enea and CNR with the aim of identifying new opportunities in the name of technological innovation and ecology. Scatolificio TS therefore combines quality and sustainability, competence, ethics and efficiency: a set of values ​​that constitute the coordinates of their activity.

From left Sante Conselvan, President of FTA Europe while deliver the prize of the association Brazilian AB Flexo to Eno Tordini of TS box factory

The many awards obtained in recent years at national and international level (Bestinflexo, Flexo Tech, Efia Europa, and lately, the 2nd place obtained in the flexographic competition in Brazil), are linked to the high quality flexographic printing result achieved by the company and an always careful choice of materials combined with the high professional skills acquired over the years.
“Scatolificio TS will certainly be present at BestInflexo 2022, an important event that has seen us as protagonists for many years, presenting some works printed on coated and kraft produced in this last year: this will be a further moment of growth and comparison with the most important for us. Italian companies in the sector”, concludes Eno Tordini.

Scatolificio TS on the podium of Best in Flexo 2021 competition
Last November Scatolificio TS was awarded as 1st place in the category “Coated corrugated cardboard” with the work “Bel Colle”, as 2nd place in the category “Uncoated corrugated cardboard” with the work “Organic Feudo Antico” and as 2nd place in the section “Creative and innovative use of the flexographic process” for the creation of the new company brochure developed with the best imaginable technologies.
The first prize was won thanks to the plates provided by Z Due, a flexo pre-press service with which the box factory has been collaborating for several years. “The plates that allowed the victory were made with the BlueEdge system, on a previously printed work in 5 colors + varnish, eliminating the Pantone by making everything in CMYK. The result was similar to a digital print but with the density and color saturation of flexo, in addition to the economic margin guaranteed by flexo at the expense of digital (high ink costs, production speed, and much more). We have been collaborating with Scatolificio TS for several years now and we have won several awards together: for two consecutive years (2020 and 2021) at the Brazilian ABFLEXO, Best in flexo 2020 – 2021, Flexotech awards 2021, FIA Awards 2021″, explains Marco Mingozzi, internal manager by Z Due.
The Z Due flexo prepress service offers two solutions that meet these two important needs: savings in the overall production costs of each job and adaptation of the quality of the printed matter to offset and digital, with excellent results. Vortex and BlueEdge are the right answers to optimize processes, reduce costs and increase productivity, with a careful look at the ecological issue: “our goal is to provide the customer not with simple clichés but a system that makes flexo more competitive on the market: which allows conversion with offset and digital, which allows to increase margins thanks to savings in colors, in anilox changes, to high-screen printing on recycled papers, to reduction of start-up times”, says Mingozzi.