Grafica Atestina: interconnection of machinery and management of not-compliance with Edigit management system


    Grafica Atestina was born in the 1950s, when typographer’s competence and creativity were necessary components for the creation of quality products.
    We retrace the most important steps of the growth of this company and its strategic choices, such as the investment in the Edigit management system,
    of fundamental importance for entering complex markets such as the pharmaceutical one

    De Poli family, owner of Grafica Atestina

    Founded in 1954, it was purchased in 1963 by Cav. Luigi De Poli, to whom his sons Renato and Antonio took over. In those years the small printing laboratory was located in the center of Este (PD) and the technology used was still movable types and smelled of wood and lead.
    After a few years, Renato De Poli became the sole owner of Grafica Atestina, giving it a decisive boost to growth. In 1976, for logistical and production reasons, the company was moved to the industrial area of ​​Este, where it has currently the headquarters. During the 1980s, the company continued to grow and expand its market.
    At the end of the 90s the third generation De Poli took over: the 3 brothers Barbara, Elisa and Alberto. In 2008, the head office underwent a great renovation, which involved the offices and production spaces. The work of continuous technological renewal was implemented in 2010 with the purchase of offset printing machines and cutting-edge folding and die-cutting systems.
    In the middle of the digital era, Grafica Atestina retains its ancient craftsmanship skill, combining it wisely with research, experimentation and staff training, to always guarantee new printing and paper converting solutions.
    From 2016, Grafica Atestina, to further increase the level of service offered and taking advantage of the decades of experience acquired in the various sectors, becomes a Group made up of three divisions: Packaging, Print and Digital. With more than 60 years of history, the three divisions have grown thanks to the talent of its team and the strong predisposition for technological innovation.
    The headquarters are currently located in Este, in the heart of Veneto region, between the provinces of Padua, Vicenza, Verona, and close to Venice. The company operates throughout the national territory and it is made up of a team of thirty-five people, working on an area of ​​5000 square meters; numbers destined to grow, testifying the company’s modus operandi.
    Grafica Atestina is able to offer, in addition to the classic printing services, also the design and realization of packaging and cardboard products. This Division has stimulated the growth of Grafica Atestina, promoting its development to an industrial level. The company knows well cosmetic, cosmeceutical, chemical, para-pharmaceutical, herbal and supplements, wellness, pet, home and environment markets, and its latest challenge is a line dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector. The company creates linear cases, with snap-on bottom and sidewalk, with windows and laminated, caskets, containers, binders, blisters, jumpers, display signs, totems, counter displays.

    The importance of having your company under control thanks to a management solution
    The need was initially born for budgeting and final balancing and then developed for a need for planning/ programming of production orders. All with a view to improve the quality system and customer service (to be able to constantly update the customer on order progress). To enter more complex markets, for example as the pharmaceutical one, the updating of Edigit management software to version 64 has become indispensable for batch traceability, product data sheet and warehouse management, and optimization of all internal flows.
    The machines currently interconnected are the printing machines, the entire cardboard converting department and a folding line. The benefits achieved are certainly the constant and real-time detection of data, greater precision of data and the possibility of analyzing any wastes/strengths and improvements on each individual process. The possibility of implementing improvements becomes therefore a continuous stimulus and allows concrete results to be seen in less time.

    New 2020 project, not-compliance management
    For years, the challenge has been to be able to intercept the costs related to not-compliance to quality and after a period of manual analysis and management Grafica Atestina decided to integrate the quality system within the Edigit management system to make it communicate with the production. With the help of Edigit technicians, the company developed and activated the Not-compliance management module, specifically tailored to its reality and through which all company functions are aligned and always informed about the state of the quality system. The company will therefore be more punctual to intervene with improvement procedures because is able to identify the phase, the causes, in an objective way.