Everything for automatic reel packaging during the recent Zancaner open house


Zancaner, the specialist in automation and reel handling solutions at the end of the line, organized an open house which took place at the beginning of June in the new headquarters in Valduggia in the province of Vercelli.

Lorenzo Scoccini, Zancaner Sales Manager

“We have finally been able to welcome potential customers from all over the world at our headquarters in Valduggia (50 km north of Novara and an hour’s drive from Malpensa – editor’s note) to show them the potential of our solutions”, comments Lorenzo Scoccini, sales manager of Zancaner.

Visitors were able to view an automatic packaging line of plastic film reels completely assembled and functioning, designed and built by Zancaner technicians to be able to unload the reels from two different cutters, weigh, label, pack the reels and finally palletize them including a packaging line, strapping and labeling of the complete pallet, all based on the specific requests and available spaces of the customer.

“Our core business, what makes us truly special, is our flexibility that allows us to automate the operations necessary for the management and shipment of film reels and, through technical choices resulting from many years of experience in the sector, to create reliable systems which, despite their complexity, are however easy to manage”, adds Scoccini.

The response in terms of requests for visits was such that it did not allow Zancaner, for reasons of timing, to be able to plan all the requested visits, but precisely for this reason, given the great interest in this specific segment of converting, the company will certainly propose other moments of in-depth analysis of its technologies by inviting interested customers and operators.

“We are ready for new challenges and even more determined and focused to help our customers in the automation process for reel management”, concludes Scoccini.