At Plast 2023 flexo printing with the Miniflex® 528 by Giugni with UV LED drying


Great interest among visitors to Plast 2023 for this printing solution proposed by Giugni. Miniflex® 528 is suitable for medium-small size printing during the extrusion process, like, for example, to personalize plastic films, bags and shoppers. The inking system consists of doctor blade and laser engraved ceramic anilox roller, so particularly suitable for the management of UV inks, which are more viscous than solvent-based or water-based ones. Despite being a drag-and-drop and completely manual machine, the 528 model is highly intuitive for the operator, who will be able to obtain a printed product with excellent quality, even if he is not a professional printer.

stand giugni

UV inks allow printing on many different materials, guaranteeing brilliance, coverage and resistance to wear. Furthermore, no VOCs are produced and they can remain on the machine for a long time to be ready to resume printing even after prolonged machine downtime.

“In addition to all these advantages, there is the drying system consisting of an air-cooled UV LED lamp, very compact and easily integrated into existing systems. All this for over 20 thousand hours of operation with reduced environmental impact, as UV LED lamps do not release ozone like traditional UV lamps and are generally safer for the healthiness of the environment in which they operate”, explains us Alessio Zuccaro, sales technical coordinator at Giugni.