Total solutions for flexible packaging: great satisfaction for Mamata Machinery at Plast 2023


Mamata Machinery, Ahmedabad, India has been providing cutting edge flexible packaging solutions for nearly 34 years to India and the world. Mamata has two facilities in the USA at Illinois and in Florida and has an extensive network spread across 80+ countries around the world. Mamata offers co-extrusion blown film plants, bag making, pouch making and wicketer machines. Mamata also offers flexible packaging machines like HFFS, PFS and sachet packing machines.

mamata machinery

Flexible packaging and converting markets are ever changing. Cost competitiveness while addressing change quickly without compromising the quality and versatility is the key to success. At Mamata they have always designed systems that are fit for today’s market needs: the company serves 2500+ customers in over 90 countries and over 5000 Mamata systems currently are operating in the world. The total production facility has a surface of 36,000 sm.

Mamata has been recognized by Government of India for in house Research and development (R&D) Unit. It is amongst one of the only 200 companies in all of India to be so recognized. Besides it was the first Indian company to introduce bag making machines with microprocessors controls. Mamata produced innovative packaging solutions for the global markets, adding highest value to their products and lowest cost of ownership, providing modular, flexible machines with versatile design.

Mamata is committed to green technology and always has worked on eco-friendly, energy-efficient and of course cost-efficient products. In line with this, Mamata has various machines for making recyclable packaging in the product range.

At Plast 2023 were exhibited and operating: VEGA 300 PM, machine with important technological features for the production of stand-up pouches, with and without zip, compact, fully automatic and particularly quick in job changes; WIN 305 CP, high-speed automatic sealer, suitable for the production of bags with central sealing, starting from foil reel. The two machines have already been sold and will soon be installed in Europe.

Antonio Simondo, exclusive Mamata agent for Italy, an important market for Mamata, shared his impressions about the recent fair. “We have registered a lot of interest in our solutions from Italian visitors. Vega 300 PM, which has several installations in Italy, aroused great interesr and enthusiasm, but also WIN, designed in particular for the food sector, was highly appreciated for its simplicity of use and operativity, therefore it proved to be a very important commercial offer. For us it is essential to provide simple to use and reliable machines and I believe that the quality-price ratio of Mamata machines is truly significant”.