At Plast 2023, Feldman Systems and Technologies paid tribute to the Women in the Plastic sector and presents two interesting novelties


Paola Pireddu, commercial manager at Feldman Systems and Technologies, was interviewed, with 30 other women of plastic sector in Italy, by the magazine Tecno Plast. After the publication of the article, Paola contacted alle the extraordinary women present in the special edition of the magazine, to create an association (now only informal) called “Women in Plastic”. To let this dream true all these women were invited to a special lunch, on September 7th, at Feldman ST stand during Plast in Milan. This meeting went beyond mere celebration; it aimed at fostering connections and collaboration among women in the plastic industry. It was a chance to come together, share experiences, discuss challenges and set future goals.

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Nuova ribobinatrice automatica

New automatic rewinder

At its booth, Feldman ST presented the last progresses as regards perforating units, laser systems and rewinders, that produce mini rolls for stretch film.

“The FST Model S automatic rewinder is a compact, high-speed PE/PVC stretch film rewinder designed for mini rolls, machine rolls, and hand rolls. Its universal and multifunctional capabilities enable it to produce various mini rolls in an automatic high-speed mod,e while accommodating machine and hand rolls with different core internal diameters. The FST Model S features film tension control, crucial when winding thin cores or using different types and qualities of films and cores. With two motors for unwinding and rewinding shafts, this rewinder ensures precision and efficiency throughout the rewinding process”, explains us, Paola.

Electromagnetic perforating solutions

At Plast, Feldman ST has combined its traditional, but always innovative, pneumatic perforating solution with the electromagnetic one, which uses only electrical energy to generate the perforating force, significantly reduces the impact of noise pollution in the working environment, whose design is more compact and lightweight, perfect for tight spaces or hard-to-reach locations and features less vibration, especially when operating with reduced force.

The pneumatic perforating solution, instead, uses compressed air to generate the perforating force, it is powerful and suitable for dense or thick materials (from 1mm), it is more robust and appropriate for applications that require considerable force.

FST offers a complete series of rewinding machines and perforation accessories to simplify production processes and maximize efficiency. These solutions are designed for the packaging industry and for the food and agricultural sectors.