UTECO new brand identity to face the packaging market with renewed enthusiasm


Uteco, world leader in the production of printing and converting machines, launches its new corporate image and new logo: an important step in the direction of strengthening its global strategic positioning

Uteco, an Italian company world leader in the production of printing and converting machines, is a reality with deep roots that boasts a thirty-year history of success. For the company, being Italian means design, passion and collaboration that allow to guarantee high engineering quality, with creativity and flexibility. These are the characteristics with which the company wants to differentiate itself and launch a new approach to the market: “Join the Flex-Converting”.

Today Uteco wants to present itself on the market with a renewed plan of all its activities that combines an increasingly global perspective with a local presence, alongside its customers, to assist them promptly with products and solutions customized according to their needs. With a proven ability to anticipate market needs and a clear vision of future trends, the company declares itself ready to face new challenges, especially those imposed by the climate and environmental crisis.

Packaging industry is experiencing a period of rapid transformation. In such a scenario, it is essential for Uteco to proactively approach this crisis with a clear vision, supporting its customers proposing innovative solutions capable of responding to the ever-increasing needs of efficiency, digitization, productivity and attention to sustainability.
It is in this context that Uteco has updated its image and its brand, as a sign of further leap towards the future and the will to lead the change. The group renews itself, strengthening its corporate identity, to enhance Uteco brand globally in the packaging sector. With its new graphics, Uteco intends to consolidate its positioning in the world market of flexographic, gravure, hybrid and digital printing and lamination.

A new image that at the same time expresses a profound renewal of all its activities: Uteco intends to offer its customers increasingly innovative, automated, technological products, an increasingly wide range of offers and new advanced services.

Until now, Uteco logo was metallic gray and red, with soft, three-dimensional reflections. In the new image, the neutrality of the gray color is abandoned to leave space to a new tone of blue, a color that wants to communicate reliability, but above all the trust and loyalty of the company towards customers. At the same time, the helical red symbol is resized and declined in a short red accent, the sign left by the passion and willpower of the people who make up the company: it wants to focus on ‘eco’ to indicate the common commitment towards a more sustainable future.

Now the logo is more modern, clear and simple, it is reduced to its essential elements and presented with a new design. Combining elements of the past with features of modernity, it represents the company’s ability to build on deep roots, to design a future made of dynamism and innovative capacity, and the will to transfer to the market all the values ​​it believes in.
First of all, sustainability, which for Uteco means operating with integrity. On the one hand, by creating trusting and lasting relationships with both customers and business partners; on the other hand, by designing and developing environmentally sustainable solutions, in an inclusive and welcoming working climate.

Then innovation, which translates into looking to the future in a pragmatic way, imagining integrated and innovative solutions for the next generation of companies that really make a difference today, and that can anticipate the needs of tomorrow.
Uteco has a consolidated corporate history and training, which are the result of the active contribution, dedication and professionalism of its people. On the market, it offers itself as a reliable partner committed to achieving excellence in quality and robustness standards. Uteco keeps its promises because it believes in results.

With the new image, Uteco also wants to strengthen cooperation, considered as the attitude to openness towards customers, who are the priority throughout the process: from the sale of the most suited product to specific needs, to assistance and after-sales consultancy.

Finally, passion: Uteco is a company driven by the enthusiasm of people who actively collaborate as a team that shares a sincere commitment to their work, by teams of professionals who apply themselves to achieve valuable results and create effective solutions.
In this way, the new image aims to be a synthesis of all these values, representing a group of agile professionals who aim to build new positive paths for the future of the company and converting industry. Its features, deliberately minimalist and direct, remind us that Uteco always goes straight to the point.