The importance of data and their management in cardboard converting companies


In our society it is now well established that data and their management are fundamental for our growth. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, have built economic empires on data management. Data are a strategic asset of a country.
By changing scale, a company can plan its own development based on the correct management of information it collects both from outside and inside.

The strategic area of each company lies in design, research and development and this also applies to packaging sector. The customer’s requests and the possibilities offered by the structure meet in the design office; even companies that do not have a design office take this step. From the management of data that flow together, the estimate is prepared and production is started, once the order has been acquired.
A tool that allows you to have data under control and therefore give technically correct answers is fundamental for the life and growth of a company.
For the design it is essential a technical software that is able to manage the data of production flow and communicate with the management software that manage the flow of production/delivery/invoicing/administration data and finally (but perhaps this is the most important function they perform), analyze this data to understand how the company is going.
A software capable of responding to these needs is absolutely necessary in a market that is becoming increasingly fast and turbulent. IMPACT, the software for packaging design is the answer to these needs.

The history of Arden and Logicsistemi
Since the “fabulous” 80s Arden has built a design software including the production information that flowed into a database.
Project and data have always been considered closely linked. Software provider Arden specializes in CAD and CAM software for packaging industry, thanks to its IMPACT packaging software used around the world. Logicsistemi, which resells this product in Italy, has always considered design an important aspect within a company. To explain it, I propose this metaphor: who, when thinking of an office, considers desks and chairs an avoidable cost? If a consultant told you that you can work sitting on the floor so you would save a lot of money, how would you react?

IMPACT: three programs in one
Database for data management
When we carry out a project, we have to manage a series of information including material, quantity, yield based on quantity, the machines on which we plan to produce. All this flows into a database that reorders the data and can easily communicate with other company software systems, avoiding manual re-insertion operations which, in addition to consuming time, risk generating errors.
Furthermore, data are available for analysis to obtain information on how to direct the company through an advanced search method that allows you to connect the different data, for example all the work of a client in a certain period that have been transformed from estimate in order or the search for box models made that have the necessary dimensions with the appropriate tolerances.
These data are linked to the drawings that are made allowing for a smooth and tailor-made management of the company.

CAD dedicated to packaging
CAD (computer aided design software) has been designed to build packaging structures with a series of specific tools to facilitate their construction such as Library of parametric models according to the material, archive of sheet formats for the yields linked to the machines operating in the company, multi-component and multi-material projects, creation of customized technical sheets and instruction sheets using the data present in the system, data interchange with filters that are able to communicate with all the standards on the market.

3D oriented to virtual presentation  and augmented reality
Once the product is created, a powerful 3D presentation tool is available that allows you to virtually build the prototype, dress it graphically, obtaining a high quality rendering and preview it to the customer even before creating a prototype by optimizing travel and meetings. The “virtual” product obtained is also ready for the new frontier of augmented reality.

Of course, any tool without proper training is difficult to use. Training is managed by people who are experts not only as regards the product but also in the sector in which it must be used, always bearing in mind that winning skills are not in the software but in the people who will use it. Nowadays an engineer without software could not work but the software does not transform the user into an engineer.
These are just some of the potential offered and in further articles we will deepen other products that allow a further step in data control. All these features are essential today to support company growth in the market.