SYSTEC, a 20-year long adventure


SYSTEC celebrates 20 years of activity in the printing and converting sector, in fact, it was 2000 when the company delivered its first plate mounter. Since then numerous patents for a machine park installed in the world of over 1000 units and an even more solid future thanks to the entry into the Swiss STI SA group a few years ago, with the Caliari family still in the company team as a bridge between past and future, obviously in the world of printing and conversion

From the left: Alice Besseghini marketing manager, Bruno Arrigoni mayor of Chiasso (Canton Ticino), Gianmario Rossi CEO, Franco Caliari technical manager and Massimo Caliari sales manager

There are some platitudes which in their simplicity condense sensations, feelings, experience, life. For example, “time flies”: SYSTEC is twenty years old, and looks to the future with even more enthusiasm and perspective.
It was the year 2000 when the first plate mounter was delivered, the no. 1, very simple but anyway revolutionary.
After twenty years, numerous patents filed and thousands of machines supplied all over the world, the company that is now part of STI SA and based in Chiasso in Switzerland, looks to the future with innovative and ambitious projects.


The corporate philosophy
SYSTEC is an innovative and lean company, with a positive and close-knit team, whose philosophy is based on the win-win concept.
The fresco painted in the meeting room clearly states it:
“Every relationship is like a partnership created for mutual benefit.
When you start a relationship, think about how to invest in the other person so that it becomes a win-win situation.
Here is how relationships are played most of the time:

I win, you lose -> I win only once

You win, I lose -> you win only once

We win many -> we win many times

They lose -> goodbye partnership

The best relationships are win-win relationships. Why don’t more people start relationships with this attitude?
Most of the people want to make sure they win first. Instead, altruistic thinkers start a relationship and make sure the other person wins in the first place. This makes all the difference!  With this point of view, the company has developed its relationships, the sales network, its products, always looking for a win-win relationship.

The converting products are only one branch of the activities in which the Swiss company is engaged, active in the fields of industrial automation, robotics, and renewable energy technologies.
In the converting and flexible packaging sector, the win-win concept has developed new technologies, with the aim of offering customers innovation, performance, and technology at the right price.
“At the PRINT4ALL 2018 exhibition, the automatic plate mounting machines were presented, which are positioned at the top of the technological competence in the assembly of the clichés, in fact, we are among the few players in the world able to provide an “ecosystem” of automatic plate mounting machines, capable to carry out the whole mounting cycle of the plate independently, even in a robotic way.
In the field of mounting machines, the news is not limited to the automatic machines, but our entire range of mounters has been renewed, with new machines redesigned and developed with the best digital and machine learning technologies” , comments Massimo Caliari, the sales manager of the company.
In fact, today even standard mounting machines (the ones where the operator is managed by aligning the plates manually), are provided with new artificial intelligence software tools, for controlling the mounting made by the operator and assisting him during the positioning of the plate.
The SYSTEC R&D team has developed a new interface where the software manages the digital cameras of the plate mounter, based on “neural networks” processes, it automatically learns the type of “ register crosses” or “microdots” used on the printing plate, checking the actual longitudinal alignment of the plate and the deviation from the target, and giving appropriate indications to the operator.

“SYSTEC today is not just plate mounting machines: in recent years we have also decided to expand the range of the offer, so that we can become a reliable and 360° interlocutor for all pre and post-press needs.
We believe it is strategic to be able to offer our customers solutions in every area of the business. Therefore we have proudly diversified our products, and this is necessary to be able to seize new opportunities and new market niches”, continues Caliari.
In fact, today, alongside the plate mounting machines that have always been the top product of the offer, the company is able to supply machines for laser cleaning of aniloxes, machines for washing plates, storage systems for sleeves.

20 years of “disruptive” solutions, and it’s not over here…
In these first twenty years, SYSTEC has been able to introduce innovative technical solutions to the market and create a widespread sales network, which today has over 30 agents. All this led to a product highly appreciated by the market, as evidenced by a thousand machines delivered to every corner of the planet.
Once the first twenty years have been filed, SYSTEC is going to enter into a new phase of growth and technological development with great enthusiasm, working on the creation of new technologies of even more automated machines, more integrated processes and easier to use.
“Innovation has always described our company since its beginning. Today it is fashionable to define itself as “disruptive”: I do not think I exaggerate in stating that with many innovations on our machines we have been truly disruptive and unique. I am thinking, for example, of the Virtual Image technology, then become a market standard”, says Caliari -”The 2000s were characterized by the development of the Internet, the 2010s by the automation and the whole concept of Industry 4.0 , the years 2020 will mark the rise of hybrid technologies and IoT.
We are on it, we are already working on new applications, new integrations and automation. The Drupa 2020 fair will mark a watershed among those who will be able to direct the market towards a new vision, towards a new approach to solutions, and those who will simply follow the technical evolution. We are certainly working on new ideas that can definitely innovate the process”.

In this process of continuous innovation, SYSTEC presents the market in this particular year (20 years in 2020) with a new logo, linear, light, and a new image, with the desire to convey a glance at the simplicity and linearity of the proposed technical solutions. Of course, there is no lack of enthusiasm for the whole SYSTEC team, who wants to continue writing a success story for at least another 20 years.