Italnastri Srl: label the excellence Made in Italy


Two years after the relaunch and corporate restructuring, the company of self-adhesive materials for labels is preparing to close the second positive economic balance.

Italnastri, historic company in the province of Florence specialized for over 40 years in the sector of self-adhesive materials for the production of labels, after having had access to the composition with creditors and after the acquisition by a new property led by a new management, is preparing to closing the second economic balance configured as a highly excellent production reality in the area.
An important relaunch for the historic Tuscan company. Completed the long acquisition process in December 2018, Italnastri is aiming again towards prestige. The managers, two Varese entrepreneurs Andrea F. Minazzi and Giuseppe Varlonga, have set up a business strategy based on quality, innovation and attention to the environment.
Completely renewed in its image and organization, the company has undertaken a communication strategy aimed at enhancing its tradition and experience in the sector and at the same time a renewed sense of business aimed at the well-being of the territory.
Through a careful development plan and a new horizontal organization, the management has focused attention on the enhancement of internal skills and on the consolidation of a motivated and performing work team, where each resource is an active part of Italnastri project for the achievement of a common goal. Innovation is one of the watchwords of the company that, through intense research and development and constant teamwork, finds the stimuli and develops the insights necessary to face the new challenges of the market and become a trend setter of innovative solutions.

The wide range of self-adhesive materials includes papers and plastic films for every type of application, performance and final use: Food and Beverage, Wine and Spirits, Cosmetics and Cleaning, Pharmaceutical, Fashion, Security and Trademark Protection, Logistics and Identification.
“Our strong point is to propose high quality products to market niches in the Wine & Spirits, Fashion, Cosmetics sector, thanks to the ability to offer product customizations based on customer requests. the market is oriented towards increasingly ecological products and sustainability becomes an added value also for the self-adhesive labels sector.
The new papers introduced in the catalog have a strong green connotation, they are produced with 100% natural fibers and recyclable materials. In addition to have a high aesthetic and emotional value, ecological papers have superior mechanical strength and excellent printability, this represents a double advantage for the environment and the user”, comments Italnastri.
The new property, which had committed itself to maintain the level of employment, immediately invested in the human factor following a double growth track: staff training and recruitment of new specialized figures. In the last half year, the company has acquired new professional figures in R&D, administration and finance, IT, marketing and communication.
In addition to increase of workforce and expansion of range of special products, the company has followed the path of eco-compatibility with the development of semi-finished products made with natural components and derived from the recycling of waste and the introduction of the precious Extra Cotton paper, natural paper with 100% cotton fibers.
“We chose this operation to start our activities on the Italian territory because more than others it could represent the benchmark we want to apply to our investment plan: ethical, sustainable, with a renewed entrepreneurial sense where the company becomes a public good utility”, concludes Italnastri.