SVECOM-P.E. at Print4All – Hall 9 Stand D16


Svecom-P.E. will exhibit all the main novelties related to products and new technologies, in particular electric and manual trolleys dedicated to the handling of reels, cores, shafts, and chucks.

Svecom-P.E. offers a wide range of systems specifically designed to simplify all the operations involving the handling and lifting of products, ensuring a valid help for all these activities.

The industrial handling trolleys can be manual or electro-hydraulic and each system has different features depending on the activity that must be performed. Lifting trolleys are equipped with a platform or cradle on which the reel to be handled is loaded, or they have special clamping devices on which shafts and chucks are fixed. The layout of industrial handling trolleys is designed for lifting and lowering activities, therefore they are mostly used for picking up and depositing materials.

The design of the Handling Systems is carried out taking into account all the human and mechanical components in order to carry out the necessary operations in full safety.

Svecom-P.E. has numerous company, personnel, and product certifications.