Say goodbye to complexity. Say hello to Prinergy On Demand Business Solutions


By Todd Bigger, President, Software, Service and Support, Kodak.


Tood Bivver, President, Software, Service and Support, Kodak

Kodak knows that growing any print business is hard work. It takes strategy, planning, and a drive for every ounce of efficiency. That is why in 2019, Kodak brought the Prinergy platform to the cloud. The Kodak Prinergy On Demand platform was the first step in developing a cloud-based ecosystem designed to help printers not only run production efficiently but also run the business efficiently. Prinergy On Demand is built on the robust Microsoft Azure infrastructure. It is proof that powerful automation can be efficient, provide the data that improves cost management, and be cloud-based.  Just as the Kodak Prinergy Workflow platform has been built on years of helping printers define workflows that optimize print production using Rules-based Automation (RBA) and powerful planning tools.  The new Kodak Prinergy On Demand Business Solutions expand the ecosystem with a set of integrated partnerships that will make the business of printing more efficient. The proven track records of Microsoft Dynamics for business management, PrintVis for Print MIS, and Vpress for Web-to-Print, paired with Prinergy On Demand, brings to market the first smart, cloud-enabled, print manufacturing environment.

Many printers already use the popular Microsoft Dynamics Business Central applications to develop analytics, manage customer relationship data, and manage their supply chains. Prinergy On Demand Business Solutions brings the power of Microsoft Dynamics to Prinergy On Demand by linking the full suite of Dynamics 365 business solutions to the Prinergy On Demand platform making it more efficient to run the business.
Already a part of the Microsoft Dynamics platform, PrintVis is the new Prinergy On Demand partner for the complete suite of ERP and MIS functions. With PrintVis, you have a complete view of the shop floor for smarter planning and scheduling. The estimating and quoting functions use data from the inventory function for the most accurate job costing.

The job ticketing function ensures that every job is logged and tracked from onboarding to delivery and links the process back to the business systems to ensure accurate invoicing.
Industry experts agree that onboarding the job is a common bottleneck, and web-to-print solutions should be in every shop to streamline the process. Leveraging their almost 20 years of implementing scalable solutions, the Vpress Coreprint platform enables integration with a world-class web-to-print suite. Vpress also brings an easy e-commerce solution to Prinergy On Demand Business Solutions customers.
Printers with islands of automation know the time and effort it takes to work with multiple vendors and integrators. The most cost effective and time-saving path to automation is to work with a Kodak workflow team. They can build a plan that automates the available tools to meet every business needs, adding analytics and visibility to the current workflow need. No need to manage schedules from multiple vendors or disputes. The Kodak team streamlines the process and  manages the complexity.
The business of printing is in the process of a seismic change. To compete in the evolving print market, printing companies must grab every opportunity for automation, efficiency, and end-to-end operational transparency. That is what Prinergy On Demand Business Solutions bring to the market.