J.S. Machine invests in Italy: in partnership with Massenzana to conquer the european corrugated cardboard market

The new J.S. Machine plant in Carate Brianza (Mi)

J.S. Machine is a Chinese giant, specialized in design and manufacturing of corrugated packaging machinery, which including high speed, wide width, intelligent corrugator, efficient flexo folder gluer, digital printer as well as intelligent logistics system. Covering an area of 700,000 sm of production site, J.S. Machine has 1200 employees. The new J.S. Machine Europe headquarters are ready in CarateBrianza (MI), and the opening ceremony is scheduled to be held on May 1, 2020. Massenzana, a historic Italian company, is also involved in this project.

Considering the fact that many Italian companies decide to cross national borders, to look for better fortunes elsewhere, we are happy to talk about a new industrial project that will have our country as a focus point. Eng. Fabrizio Massenzana, Massimo Saldarini, owners of Massenzana, and Hans Wang, general manager of J.S. Machine Europe are giving us this opportunity. J.S. Machine is a solid and important Chinese company engaged in various countries of the world with production plants, dedicated to corrugated cardboard printing and converting technologies for high-end markets.

From the left Mr. Massimo Saldarini of Massenzana with Mr. Hans Wang of J.S. Machine

We meet Hans Wang at Massenzana headquarters in Camparada (Mi), and what comes out is a pleasant conservation with a modern entrepreneur, with very clear ideas and with a precise vision about the future. That is, J.S. Machine Europe is dedicated to assure customers’ success through synergies with Chinese and European on capital, technology and knowledge sharing. After a brief presentation of his company, which boasts subsidiaries and commercial offices  in North and Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia, Hans immediately tackles an extremely important point for him. “I know very well that there is a perception towards Chinese technological equipment, considered of poor quality and made with poor materials. And I am equally convinced that we can let the European market change its mind, but to do this we must have an important local presence, with local staff. J.S. Machine also on the Chinese market has always focused on high-level production technologies, and so we have exported our production all over the world. With the opening of J.S. Machine Europe Srl, we intend to replicate a business model already successfully tested in other areas of the world”, says Hans.


The strategic partnership with Massenzana
One of the elements that most affected Hans and J.S. Machine in choosing Massenzana as partner is exactly the great experience of the Italian manufacturer both as regards printing and converting technologies and production of corrugated cardboard, a complete background able to serve the customer in all its needs, from sheet supply to printing and its converting.
“I visited several companies in Italy and Europe, and when I compared them to the Chinese market, I noticed a greater presence of many small and medium-sized family businesses. In China this is not the case, there are many entities but more structured, which are part of large groups where the most important competitive factor is dictated by volumes and therefore by high productivity requirements. In Italy, the maximum speed of the production equipment is not the main element required by the customer, who instead appreciates more its performances and above all their constancy and repeatability. The aims of J. S. Machine Europe is to provide European style equipment that suits European market, with technical support from experts, and with profound understanding and comprehension of existing customers operation features as well as production engineering, to assure customers to achieve success”, adds Hans.


The new production site will be inaugurated in spring 2020
“In the new production site in CarateBrianza (MI), where we will move by the end of February, 30 to 40 people will be employed, and here the lines of Massenzana range will be designed and built, while in China will be manufactured the JS machines, but the future goal will be to integrate both technologies in order to offer new products to the market”, intervenes Massimo Saldarini.
In Europe J.S. already boasts some installations of small machines, but from next April a new complete line will be installed. Furthermore, in Italy there will be a showroom with converting lines, and in the future there will also be a corrugator showroom. The new factory will be inaugurated next spring with an important ceremony and will be invited the most important customers of J.S. from all over the world, but also representatives by GIFCO and the Italian Association of Box Manufacturers (CIS).
“We had to move decisively to let know J.S. machines in Europe, a very important corrugated cardboard market, and with this new factory I am sure that we will achieve this. Making our technologies available to customers for all their tests is showing our seriousness and the utmost attention to customers and the market”, concludes Hans.