Print4All 2022: the offer is strengthened with special areas dedicated to online printing, cardboard and labels


A few weeks from opening, the exhibition proposal begins to take shape in its various components, thanks to the adhesion of leading brands in the sector. Online printing, cardboard, labelling: the special areas of Print4All 2022. The meetings that make the difference: the Intensive Seminars and The Future of…
Confirmed the membership to The Innovation Alliance, the great event dedicated to instrumental mechanics. We talk about it with Paolo Pizzocaro, Exhibition Director Print4All

The market renews its trust in Print4All which, for the 2022 edition, to be held from 3 to 6 May at Fiera Milano, will see present numerous leading brands, highly representative of every “soul” of the sector.
Print4All therefore promises to offer a large showcase of the most innovative solutions available today for converting and printing. The fil-rouge of the entire offer will be innovation, with increasingly digital and connected solutions, combined with a constant search for sustainability. Energy efficiency, servitization, increasingly high-performance hybrid solutions, green products, growing care in the selection of materials and end-of-life management will be the strengths of an offer that combines great attention to customer needs with growing environmental awareness.

Face to face with Paolo Pizzocaro, Print4All exhibition director

Paolo Pizzocaro, Print4All exhibition director

Recently there have been some cancellations of important events, but Print4All has decided to move on. Can you explain the choice? What fair should we expect?
“This is an absolutely shared choice. Naturally with ACIMGA and ARGI, our partners, but also with all the companies that together with us have chosen to believe in it. After two years of absence of events in the sector, the time has come to meet again, in a moment, May, when international mobility will finally be able to restart. Paradoxically, the pandemic has taught us to rediscover the value of trade fair events, because nothing can replace the face-to-face confrontation, the interaction between those who produce a machine and those who want to evaluate their purchase on the basis of concrete needs, the direct comparison with the proposals of competitors.
What fair, then, can we expect? We will be the only transversal event dedicated to the sector for this year. An event strongly desired by the market and built in continuous comparison with its components, where people can compare and update on the great challenges that await everybody: the evolution towards circular economy models, Industry 4.0, growing digitalization. These are issues that can no longer be ignored, not only because innovation and government support go in that direction – let’s not forget that sustainability and digitalization are two of the pillars of our PNRR – but also because professionalism and ways of work are changing the way of working. Just think of servitization or hybridization.
Regarding the format, once again for this edition the fair will offer a 360-degree view of the world of printing and it will give great attention to training. Print4All from its first edition has presented itself as a “house of contents” and strongly reaffirms this training vocation. New in this edition are the vertical areas, dedicated to online printing, cardboard and labeling. Labeling is a particularly effervescent sector that is undergoing rapid evolution. Print4All will be an opportunity to give visibility to the most innovative, smart and customized solutions that manufacturers have designed and which, in the last two years, have not found any space where they could be properly presented”.

During these two years of pandemic, fairs have suffered a strong backlash. What message would you like to send to your exhibitors?
“In recent months we have carried out many events at Fiera Milano: we started again from September of last year and I can tell you without fear of denial that all the fairs that took place in our district have seen a huge and proactive participation of visitors. More than talking about a backlash, I would speak of a physiological halt that the pandemic has imposed on us, but now we are more convinced and stronger than before. Those who have chosen to participate in the fairs that have taken place in recent months have not only been able to have an important feedback, but above all I have been able to really feel the desire of visitors to meet again and interact personally with any potential supplier. What I can tell the exhibitors is that whoever will be there will take full advantage of this opportunity”.

On the visitor front, why should a printing and converting operator visit Print4All today?
“Perhaps I have already answered in part. First of all, because in a moment of great market revolution it is necessary to inform oneself, to discuss, in short, to be on the spot. Then because after two years of training filtered by a video it is essential to meet again, recover the value of personal networking, evaluate the potential of innovation through the story and description of those who created it. The contemporaneity with other The Innovation Alliance fairs – Ipack-Ima, Greenplast and Intralogistica Italia – re-proposes the supply chain vision: a practically unique opportunity in Europe to see in a single context the best of instrumental mechanics that visitors, I hope, will not want to lose”.

We are waiting for you at Hall 9 – Stand C25 where you can pick up the latest issues of Converter-Flessibili-Carta-Cartone e Converter & Cartotecnica