Print4All 2022: leading brands in the sector confirm their presence


The event with Print4All and The Innovation Alliance will take place from 3 to 6 May 2022 at Fiera Milano.

With three months to go until the opening, the exhibition programme is beginning to take shape thanks to the participation of leading brands in the sector. Membership in The Innovation Alliance, the major event dedicated to instrumental mechanics, has been confirmed: Print4All will be held in conjunction with Ipack-Ima, Intralogistica Italia and Green Plast.

The market renews its faith in Print4All, which will be held at Fiera Milano from 3 to 6 May 2022 and will be attended by a number of leading brands, highly representative of every “soul” in the sector.

There will be a strong presence from the converting world, thanks to manufacturers of the calibre of IMS Technologies, Rossini and Uteco. There will also be presentations from the cardboard sector, such as Fosber, and labelling, represented by Omet, among others.

On the printing front, the following internationally renowned brands has been confirmed: Canon Italia, Epson, Kyocera, Koenig&Bauer and Neos, promising a rich and interesting proposal for printers, creative people and brand owners who will visit the event in search of new proposals and technologies able to offer original and, above all, increasingly customised solutions.

And to ensure originality and a wow effect, there will be no shortage of finishing, ennobling and post-printing services, which can count on the presence of Forgraf and Quadient, to name but a few.
Print4All therefore promises to offer a wide-ranging showcase of the most innovative products available today for converting and printing. The main focus of the entire offer will be innovation, with increasingly digital and connected solutions, combined with a constant search for sustainability.
Energy efficiency, servicing, increasingly high-performance hybrid solutions, green products, increasing care in the selection of materials and in end-of-life management are the strong points of an offer that combines great attention to customer needs with growing environmental awareness.

There will be three themed areas created to encourage a vertical analysis of sectors that are showing great dynamism and have important development opportunities: online printing, which makes it possible to aim for increasingly strong personalisation even on small runs; cardboard, a market with great development potential linked to its natural green vocation and the growing development of e-commerce; and labelling, a sector that is experiencing rapid evolution, driven by the demand for increasingly innovative, smart and personalised solutions.

Characterised by a graphic identity and colour that will make them immediately recognisable, the three areas of Print4All 2022 will be located in Hall 9 and will be united by a common goal: to collect the most innovative solutions proposed by exhibiting companies, but also to stimulate discussion and updating on the sectors, alternating the presentation of trends and scenarios to seminars with a fast and concrete formula, which will encourage the exchange of ideas and skills and allow the presentation of products and solutions told directly by producers. A training platform common to the three areas will host the programme, offering visiting operators a unique opportunity for vertical learning over the four days of the event.

The supply chain approach that was so well received in the last edition is confirmed: Print4All reconfirms its membership in The Innovation Alliance, the event dedicated to instrumental mechanics, and this year will take place in conjunction with Ipack-Ima, Intralogistica Italia and Green Plast.
An important opportunity to discover the best technologies for the manufacturing industry, with products ranging from green solutions developed by the world of rubber and plastics to food processing technologies, from packaging for the food and non-food sectors to graphic customisation, through to storage and handling of the finished product. Machines that manage different phases of the industrial production process share a very high level of innovation and major investment in research and development, especially in light of the major changes that are sweeping every sector.