Natur-World S.p.a. starts the industrial integration of SIPA Management S.p.a.


Natur-World Spa, an Italian company leader in innovation in the bioplastics and smart materials sector, continues its development plan with the launch of an industrial integration process by SIPA Management, a company specializing in the green packaging market.
The operation contributes to the establishment of a specialized operator in the bio-polymers sector increasingly integrated on the market, implementing the proven skills in the design of compostable and/or recyclable products of Natur-World with a production reality symbol of Made in Italy excellence as SIPA Management.

With a 2021 turnover forecast of around 20 million euros, Natur-World thus continues its path towards the establishment of an increasingly dynamic and innovative reality that in this case does not aim at volume growth, but at implementation of synergies.
“We consider this transaction strategic for Natur-World Spa also in consideration of the SIPA profile and its positioning on the green market; given the complementary nature of the two realities, the skills will be integrated while maintaining their respective excellence, preserving the resources and industrial continuity of SIPA”, declared Gian Luca Greco, President and CEO of Natur-World.
The integration of SIPA Management represents the finalization of an increasingly close industrial and commercial collaboration process launched in 2016: respectively with headquarters and production plants in Genoa and Milan, the staff of Natur World Spa and SIPA is thus made up of over 70 resources and includes engineers, specialists and technicians with highly skilled in the design and manufacture of eco-sustainable smart materials and products.
Natur-World is a solid reality engaged in the design and production of biodegradable and compostable bioplastic products. The innovative character supported by a know-how gained from more than 20 years of experience in the field, allows to study tailor-made solutions to replace traditional plastics based on market needs.
The skills of the Group embrace various industries in the green sector that allow a wide diversification of production: retail, Ho.Re.Ca., food and recycling but also solutions for the world of fashion, medical products, automotive and cosmetics.