eXact 2, the last generation for color measurement


xrite 2X-Rite Incorporated and Pantone LLC, global leaders in color science and technology, announced in 2022 the eXact 2, a next-generation non-contact handheld spectrophotometer designed to bring ink, print, and packaging workflow together in one device. It was an important announcement because eXact 2 is the first color measurement device that connects to a full ecosystem of software tools, including InkFormulation Software, ColorCert Suite for print quality control, PantoneLIVE digital color libraries, NetProfiler for device optimization, and the new X-Rite Link fleet management platform for real-time insight into device performance.

The high-resolution internal camera with the unique patented Mantis video technology, (for whom X-Rite won a 2022 Pinnacle InterTech Award) and a “two taps or less” touch-screen interface, enable operators to measure and seamlessly verify customer requirements two times faster and with higher accuracy. eXact 2 makes it easy to capture color data and seamlessly integrates with the X-Rite ecosystem of software from color specification, ink formulation, and quality control software via Wi-Fi. Built-in process control tools for the ink kitchen and pressroom support G7, PSO, and Japan Color.

All these features enable printers and converters to meet quality standards 17% faster. The speed, precision, and unparalleled data connectivity of the eXact 2 help operators streamline workflows, reduce waste, and free up capacity to generate revenue.

eXact 2 is available worldwide in three models. With the eXact 2, operators can capture color measurements on paper, corrugated, and carton board substrates. The eXact 2 Xp captures film, plastic, foil with white opaque, and other unique substrates. The eXact 2 Plus offers advanced paper and flexible film control with the ability to measure metamerism, opacity, and absolute and relative color strength.

xrite 1“Print, packaging, and ink professionals can drive their workflow directly from the eXact 2 for maximum efficiency. With access to color workflow software directly on the touch screen, operators no longer need to be tied to a console”, says Ray Cheydleur, Printing and Imaging Product Portfolio Manager, X-Rite.

Every eXact 2 model comes with the new X-Rite Link platform, an intuitive cloud-based dashboard that provides real-time insights into device performance. From one central location, customers can verify the status of one or a fleet of devices, configure and distribute updates and libraries, and more.

eXact 2 has a 30% larger touchscreen tilt display than eXact 1 and the Digital Loupe feature with up to 10x dynamic zoom allows to capture and inspect the right spot without measuring print defects and stores an image of the measurement. Highlights small areas on graphic patterns and smallest targets on labels, and inspect samples before, during, and after measurement for dot gain, artifacts, etc. An important improvement is the integrated scanning which in practice allows you to go from measuring single samples to scanning color bars in seconds.

In addition, eXact 2 provides not-contact measurement and can be used to measure wet ink minimizing the risk of contamination, achieving higher accuracy and reducing re-measurement and media waste.