DuPont announces global price increase for Cyrel® Solutions products


DuPont Electronics & Industrial is implementing 7% price increase on Cyrel® plates, effective March 1st, 2022. Over the past year, DuPont has continued to incur significant cost increases in critical raw materials for Cyrel® Solutions; freight costs have also increased drastically for critical modes and routes.  “The organization has been working hard to mitigate cost impacts and will continue with this effort.  However, this price increase is necessary due to the significant and prolonged impact”, explains Tucker Norton, Global Business Director at DuPont Cyrel® Solutions.

Tucker added “Despite global challenges in logistics, our team is working tirelessly to keep our customers around the world supplied at required levels. Especially during this pandemic, we continue our commitment to meet our customers’ needs for high quality products”.

The DuPont Cyrel® Solutions team remains committed to delivering our products in a timely and efficient manner to support your critical needs and is working to ensure our performance, quality, and reliability as we navigate inflationary pressures.