Communicating wine with the solutions by Tonutti Arti Grafiche, Fedrigoni Self Adhesives, Luxoro, Vinolok and Verallia


Last November 30th at the Chervò Golf Hotel in Pozzolengo, in the province of Brescia, the event “Communicating wine – new packaging trends” took place, the third stage of the Tonutti Label Tour, the traveling micro-fair of operators in the packaging sector for wines, this year aimed at wineries and graphic studios in Northern Italy.

tonutti pagnutti

The new edition follows the 2021 Stage Zero in Marsala and last year’s Stage One in Cison di Valmarino (TV), which had both huge success. Promoted by Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche Spa, a historic Friulian company based in Fagagna (UD), specialized in the printing of labels for the wine, spirits and food & beverage market in general, which joined the French group Alliance Etiquettes at the end of 2022.

The meeting, which had a more educational than commercial approach, was followed by numerous participants, around one hundred people, who listened to all the interventions with extreme attention. The partners of the event spoke: Gaia Gottardo, Vinolok; Micol Valle, Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives; Giulia Ferronato and Laura Miotto, Verallia and Alessandro Carnevale Luxoro – Leonhard Kurz.

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Barbara Pagnutti, Marketing and Communication Manager of Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche, presented React! Collection #04, composed of 16 new projects created by the designers of the Alliance Etiquettes group. Three of these were entirely created and printed inside the company, others were only printed in consideration of the particular technical characteristics that the fleet of machines and the Tonutti team are able to guarantee. They all take inspiration from the latest trends identified by one of the most successful trendsetters at international level, Nelly Rodi, according to her for 2024 the mantra is “react”, that is, to be reactive, to react, to get out of the crisis that has been affecting the humankind for some years, from a health, social, environmental, economic-financial and geopolitical point of view.

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The 2023 edition, sponsored by Assoenologi Western Veneto section, had Prof. Fiamma Rivetti, Neuromarketing researcher at the Ilum in Milan, as a guest from the academic world, who gave valuable food for thought with a speech entitled “The contribution of neurosciences for the effective communication of wine”.

At the end, the guests met the sponsors, seeing first-hand the main innovations and took part in an interesting creative workshop “Printer for a day”, where it was possible to print pewter labels.