Baldwin and ColorConsulting agreement renews focus on data-connected color workflow technologies


Baldwin Vision Systems and ColorConsulting srl today announced an agreement under which the co-developed ColorTrack™ software technology will now be fully owned, managed and developed by ColorConsulting.

From the left Patrick Keller, president of Baldwin Vision Systems with Carlo Carnelli, General Manager of ColorConsulting

According to Carlo Carnelli, General Manager of ColorConsulting, “We have had a close relationship and development partnership first with QuadTech since 2012, and that continued with Baldwin Vision Systems after QuadTech’s acquisition in late 2017. Our combined engineering teams worked closely to develop a unique color and ink workflow solution. This agreement is the natural step to give continuity to a unique project that put the needs of the packaging printer at the center of our co-development, and a very logical reallocation of resources for both partners.”

ColorTrack software is the heart of the only complete color & ink management workflow solution in the industry, sharing live data with Color Measurement with DeltaCam™ and InkWeigh™. No other solution offers this level of press-side connection between color measurement and ink management.

Color Measurement with DeltaCam delivers affordable, accurate inline spectral measurement on film, paper, or board—reducing waste and ensuring all printed products are within your customers’ color specifications. Its high agreement with offline spectrophotometers allows DeltaCam to feed real-time spectral data to ColorTrack to support accurate, predictable color setups and corrections, minimizing color waste.

Patrick Keller, president of Baldwin Vision Systems, comments: “What we’re doing with this agreement is focusing both organizations on their particular strengths. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with ColorConsulting worldwide. We have utmost trust that the ColorConsulting team will bring extensive color knowledge and ink management expertise to focus on ColorTrack now and in the future. This allows us to dedicate more engineering resources to our primary expertise as well—inline color measurement and the ongoing development of Color Measurement with DeltaCam. We believe that by updating our two companies’ product portfolio focus, ColorTrack and DeltaCam will both be strengthened as vital components in a complete color management workflow for packaging printers.”