2024 Komori calendar dedicated to nature and realized with rainbow printing


Komori is committed to solving environmental and social issues by continuing to inherit and pursue the printing technology cultivated over the past century. 2024 calendar is based on the theme of FUSION “Nature & Technology” and showcases Komori’s print technology.

calendario komori

The animals in the images are playfully designed using photographs of leaves, branches, snowcapped mountains, and other features in nature. The rainbow section on the lower left of the front cover is printed in seven colors, symbolizing wishes for a bright future, using a technique called “rainbow printing” on Komori’s offset printing press for banknotes. Rainbow printing is an anti-counterfeiting printing technique used for printing banknotes. The ink fountain is partitioned into three colors, cyan, magenta, and yellow, and the seven colors are rendered by mixing the colors on the ink fountain roller. The animal hair and skin textures, which are pleasing to both sight and touch, are embossed and decorated in a way that only UV printing can offer.

The calendar binder was developed in collaboration with SERIA Corporation, a Komori Group company. After offset printing the wood grain pattern, screen printing was performed to reproduce the annual growth rings and the feel of the wood. Offset printing and screen printing were combined to create a realistic and warm wood texture.

Furthermore, the Komori logo introduces the luminescent ink for the first time. After six hours of being exposed to indoor LED lighting, the Komori logo emits bright light for about eight hours in the dark.

These print technologies have created a calendar that enables the viewer to experience the power of nature and animals as well as technological advances.

Josh Dykgraaf is a photographic illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia, working for clients around the world. His work is characterized by the combination of photo manipulation using photographs he has taken and 3D modeling, depending on the situation. Each painstakingly detailed creation takes 30 to 80 hours to create. Originally trained in graphic design and photography, his work is a synthesis of the two and has been featured in various publications, most recently by Adobe and My Modern Met. My Modern Met was formed in 2008 to create one big city that celebrates creative ideas, promoting a positive culture by spotlighting the best sides of humanity—from the lighthearted and fun to the thought-provoking and enlightening.