Vega: the hundredth Altair installed at Imballaggi Mirapack and now a new chapter opens with Altair GT


Vega Srl recently celebrated a new milestone, namely the installation of the 100th Altair folder gluer, the spearhead in the production of Vega machines for processing corrugated cardboard boxes. The installation took place at Imballaggi Mirapack Srl, a historic Italian company located in Santa Maria di Sala (VE) which has been designing, manufacturing and distributing corrugated cardboard packaging, boxes for food and industrial containers and for furniture packaging for more than 25 years.

From left: Giovanni Bertuzzo, Jacopo Nava, Matteo Magro, Remo Paiola

The president of Vega Jacopo Nava, together with Remo Paiola, commercial director, and Giovanni Bertuzzo, agent of Vega Srl, gave to Matteo Magro, president of Imballaggi Mirapack, a commemorative plaque to celebrate this occasion together.

“We are very happy to share this milestone with Imballaggi Mirapack, the delivery of the plaque was a pleasant opportunity to celebrate not only the hundredth Altair model sold and installed at our customer, but also the collaboration between Vega and Mirapack Packaging”, commented Jacopo Nava.

The choice: A full optional Altair model

Imballaggi Mirapack has chosen the Altair 200 model with integrated double ADF introducer and with the insertion of Vega Easypack for the end of the line. The choice of this model allows to create different types of boxes, creating a single box starting from two different blanks. The Vega Easypack collector counts and separates into packs the scaled boxes coming out of any folder-gluer, making the collection phase easier for the operator and, at the same time, increasing hourly production.


Altair GT

With this milestone, a new chapter in Altair’s history opens: this continuously evolving model welcomes the most recent technological innovations for production and quality purposes, aiming for the maximum achievable. The new model is Altair GT, built to be even easier to use, with improved performance, innovative automation and a new design.

Altair GT has a solid and compact character: its structure is reinforced and ready to process many varieties of boxes. The structure is improved not only from an aesthetic point of view but also in terms of operator safety and integration of third-party components, incorporating the electrical and mechanical parts within the structure itself.

To date, the working speed reaches 250 meters per minute, thus making each production faster and more efficient.

One of the distinctive features of Vega machines is modularity, which allows you to create tailor-made solutions for the customer. With Altair GT this aspect is even more functional and practical: the modules can be added without difficulty even years after installing the machine, in the most appropriate configuration to meet in the best way the customer’s needs and give shape to types of boxes outside the usual standards.

In addition to the possibility of adding and choosing the various optional modules, Altair GT can interface with any introducer or end-of-line box collection machinery that uses the Profinet system, thus increasing its potential for use not only with Vega Easypack products, Vega Rotopack and the double ADF introducer, but also with products from third-party companies.

A special mention deserves the gluing section consisting of an optional support bridge for the glue dispensers which individually and automatically position the glue guns of each supplier on the market according to the set box sizes. The glue program previously stored is recalled reducing the glue system setup times. The quality of the gluing phase is monitored by a control system positioned on each single gun which verifies the presence and quantity of glue. This control allows to identify non-compliant boxes and remove them from the line using the optional Extractor module.

Further quality control is the laser sensor that scans each box in 3 dimensions, measuring three quality parameters; the system sends this information to the Vega PLC which processes the information in real time, applying corrective measures to folding and leveling systems.

Finally, Altair GT has new graphics that are more intuitive, captivating and user-friendly. It is equipped with Industry 4.0 interconnection, like all Vega machines, and is enriched with various cutting-edge technological devices, which make the production process even more effective and safe.