The future of flexo at Ferrari Museum with Z Due and Kodak-Miraclon


Z Due, flexo prepress service based in Castelfranco Emilia (MO), announces the Future of Flexo event, organized in collaboration with Kodak-Miraclon, which will be held on February 28, 2020 at Ferrari Museum in Maranello (MO). The program, still being defined, will include a visit to the Ferrari Museum in the afternoon, an experience with virtual simulators on a single-seater and a pit stop race between all the guests with a final podium. It will be a very important meeting for the world of flexo printing, because Z Due will introduce ProjectBlue for printing of flexible packaging, labels, paper and corrugated cardboard, a plate production technology indispensable for the conversion from offset and gravure printing to flexo printing.

What is Project Blue? A real system that involves the entire printing chain. This technology, already widely consolidated worldwide on flexible labels and films, has so far produced advantages for flexo that are unmatched with any other technology available on the market and which perfectly matches Kodak Flexcel NX technology: a very high optical density with a very low ink transfer, with consequent cost reduction and in favor of sustainability, softness in the highlights without sharp detachments, a color control comparable to offset and gravure quality, but above all the possibility of extending the color range and reproducing spot colors with four-color process print.

Z Due brought ProjectBlue technology to Italy, created by the English service Reproflex3, which will obviously be present at the event. There will also be two companies that won the gold and silver medals respectively at the Global Flexo Innovation Awards organized by Kodak-Miraclon last year: Loritex, a Uruguayan prepress company that introduced heptachromy as a standardized system at several customers and Pentaflex, an Indian company that has distinguished itself for having printed flexo on compostable materials.
The event will be international, with the presence of Italian and foreign printers who will share their experiences on sustainability issues, printing with an extended color range and printing on compostable and recyclable materials. We will have many label, paper and flexible printers in the audience. Also present some important brand owners who will address the theme of the conversion and the future of packaging. There will be some printing machine partners and the main multinationals active in the corrugated cardboard sector.