The demise of Emilio Gerboni

Emilio Gerboni, in 2015 when he was awarded the Honoris Causa degree from the Swansea University of Wales

The flexo industry in particular, but the whole graphic world mourns the passing of Emilio Gerboni, 88 years old. A reference figure, with great experience in the graphic industry and converting sector, Emilio was co-founder of TAGA Italia, and actively participated in the associative life of ATIF, always bringing a contribution of great technical competence mixed with humanity and smile.


Emilio worked extensively with Policrom Screens, which in the distant 1950s introduced crystal screens for the reproduction of halftones. Subsequently he began his long and esteemed career as a consultant, which confirmed him as a highly trained person on a technical level, and above all respectful towards everything and everyone; the way he behaved, calm, transparent, absolutely correct, characterized his entire professional life.

In July 2015 he was awarded the Honoris Causa and Professor Award degrees from Swansea University of Wales, for his scientific and technical merits in the fields of communication, graphic arts, converting and packaging.

“I had the pleasure of knowing and frequenting him since I entered this world in 2000, when he was editor of a trade magazine. Over the years, with meetings, travels together, participation in events, fairs and congresses, a friendship has also been established that has made me discover the human qualities of Emilio. I still remember when after a few years, he complimented me on the growth and results obtained, and then Emilio asked me to give him the “YOU”, and for me, a young novice journalist, this was like a sort of consecration, a gesture of friendship confirming his great humanity and simplicity. Emilio was also a person gifted with great irony, he never failed to cheer up conference breaks or travel by plane or train, recounting amusing episodes from his long life in our sector”, says Andrea Spadini, chief editor at Converter.

The funeral will be held on Thursday 7 October at 3 pm in the parish of Gorle (BG)