Siegwerk announces price increase of packaging inks and varnishes in EMEA


    Siegwerk, one of the leading international suppliers of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, will implement a price increase for all packaging inks and varnishes in EMEA with effect from February 1, 2019. The costs for raw material categories, such as photoinitiators, UV monomers, acrylic resins, pigments, isocyanates and specialty additives have been continued in the year, with further increase experienced in Q4-2018. In addition colored pigments and photoinitiators are expected to remain highly affected by drastic supply disruptions amid stricter environmental regulations in key supply markets. In addition, the entire European supply chain remains exposed to increasing energy costs and freight rates on rising tolls, inflated fuel surcharges and infrastructure bottlenecks.
    Siegwerk has already worked closely with the overall supply chain to leverage its buying power and minimize costs whenever possible, “in order to ensure that our customers benefit from higher levels of quality, service and consistency”, declared Dr. Jan Breitkopf, President Packaging EMEA. Despite the fact that the prices will be both start and remain at higher levels through 2019.