SEI Laser: die-cutting in 70×100 format now is a reality with PaperOne 7000 laser


Open house in SEI Laser for the presentation of the new PaperOne 7000, a 70×100 CM format laser die-cutting machine for packaging market. Full showroom with the presence of PaperOne 3500, 5000, Labelmaster for label market and the latest big news, Origami, an offline unit for production of polymer creasing Clichés, to be used with PaperOne models. The event, organized in complete safety, saw the presence of some customers but was also broadcast live with Zoom platform.
There is certainly no shortage of courage and determination at SEI Laser, to such an extent that the desire to look beyond the current difficulties (remember that we are in Curno in the province of Bergamo, and here Covid has hit hard – Editor’s note), convinced the management of the company to organize a two days open house on 22 and 23 October with some customers arrived from both Italy and abroad.
At this event were presented the technologies installed in the showroom, which took place with a live streaming too, during which Ettore Colico, Converting Director of SEI Laser, offered an overview of all laser technologies, with a focus on the two novelties, PaperOne 7000 and Origami.

PaperOne 7000 and Origami are the 2020 news from SEI Laser
“These two novelties would have been the focus at our drupa 2020 booth, and we therefore decided to present them to the market, given the simultaneous presence of all the laser technologies dedicated to the world of flexible packaging, labels and paper converting in our showroom”, says Valentina Politi, marketing & communication specialist of SEI Laser.
In addition to the already known PaperOne 3500 and 5000, the two laser systems for die-cutting and creasing for graphic industry and packaging sector, respectively in the 375x1050mm and 750x530mm format, the attention of this open house was catalyzed by the latest model, PaperOne 7000, the first modular laser die-cutting and creasing system for packaging and folding carton sector in 760x1120mm format, perfect for converting materials such as paper, cardboard, PET, PP and BOPP.
The machine can perform die-cutting and creasing of the sheets both on the front and on the back, depending on the graphics and design required, and is perfectly integrated with the most sophisticated digital workflow software.
PaperOne 7000 is equipped with an automatic pre-setting, it uses a mechanical register in addition to an optical register by means of a digital camera. As mentioned, the machine is modular in design and offers up to 9 different configurations according to the customer’s needs. Among the available options we point out the automatic pallet loader, which, considered the machine format, is certainly to be evaluated to simplify and speeding up orders placing into the machine, as well as the automatic output stacker. Always as an option are foreseen the fume extraction and abatement system with activated carbon filters and scraps-fume separator.
In combination with PaperOne 7000, but also perfect for 5000 model, here is the other novelty of the open house, the Origami off-line module, a system developed by SEI Laser for creasing/embossing (male/female), that allows you to create the plates on a polyester substrate, through the extrusion of a polymer that creates the layout of the jobs to be processed in the machine, and capable of guaranteeing a creasing and embossing quality equal to traditional die-cutting systems.
“This patented solution completes the digitalization of the production process. In fact, it is the graphics department that must generate the file that is imported directly from SEI software thanks to the new control algorithm for 3D printing of the creasing matrix, which is completely reusable and recyclable, an important feature to mention”, adds Ettore Colico.
Origami allows you to create both linear and curved three-dimensional clichés for paper and cases creasing, at a very convenient cost, and certainly in line with the production needs of medium, but also small runs.
The process and the print queue are automatically managed by the digital workflow, so the operator only needs to load the virgin polyester sheet and extract it when the job is finished.

SEI Laser grows in packaging and points to new markets
SEI Laser, owner of laser technology, is present across various sectors, and has been in packaging sector for some years now, registering exponential growth thanks to cutting-edge technical solutions, capable of attracting the attention of traditional and digital printers and converters, who, thanks to laser technology, have been able to expand their product offer, penetrating new markets.
The growth of SEI Laser has led the company to decide to reorganize the commercial structure in a vertical perspective, to offer a more direct presence on individual markets.
This reorganization also involved the production departments and the showroom, and new technologies are foreseen in future for converting markets not yet explored by the leading manufacturer of laser systems: they will soon be revealed to the market, because courage and optimism are certainly not lacking right around.