Sappi – Hall 5 Stand B13


Sappi will be introducing its extensive range of face stock papers, silicone base papers and wet-glue label papers.

To meet the high expectations of its customers, Sappi is upgrading its Silco product, with an optimized surface treatment formulation for the Silco Glassine product family. These include the supercalendered Silco Label and Silco Tape BS papers as well as Silco Process Liner BS. The Silco Glassine range is for decades successfully produced at Sappi’s Condino mill in Italy.

Sappi Labelexpo

Right on time for the trade fair, Sappi will be introducing two new CCK papers to complement the Sol product family. With Sol BCK Sappi is presenting a release liner for visual communication and industrial applications as well as for adhesive tape products. The release liner promises a greatly improved carbon footprint by eliminating plastic coating, improved recyclability by saving plastic material and significant cost savings – compared to commonly used PCK-based (Polyethylene Coated Kraft) release liners. The new Sol BCK offers real advantages over PCK by reducing the CO2 footprint by more than 50 per cent compared to PCK and significantly better recyclability by avoiding the use of plastic PE.

Sappi will also be presenting its new Sol PHD, a one-side double-coated CCK paper particularly designed for visual communication applications. The paper is available in a grammage of 135g/m2. It features characteristics such as high internal bond strength, a smooth surface and low silicone consumption, as well as problem-free, cost-efficient handling and excellent lay-flat properties.

Outstanding label papers

The new Parade Label SG face stock paper boosts first-class printing and finishing properties. This one-side coated, semi-gloss paper for self-adhesive label applications excels with its outstanding printability, opacity and stiffness, as well as its excellent further processing capabilities. It is ideally suited as a self-adhesive label for prime product labelling, general packaging, transport packaging, disposable bottles and containers.

Parade Label Pro has been very well received in the market. The glossy, one-side double-coated non-wet strength wet-glue label paper features an exceptionally smooth surface as well as a high degree of whiteness, while ensuring excellent printing and finishing results. Visitors to Labelexpo will experience the paper – designed for challenging labels in the food, beverage and consumer goods sectors – as the perfect choice to achieve distinctive visual impact and product differentiation in retail environments. Selected references from around the world will be presented to visitors at the stand. Parade Label Pro is produced at Sappi’s Alfeld mill in Germany and at Gratkorn mill in Austria in grammages of 80 and 90 g/m² in reels and sheets. The Alfeld mill also produces Parade Label Pro in higher grammages of 100, 110 and 120 g/m².

Investment in wet-glue wet-strength label papers at Gratkorn

To further strengthen its label paper business, Sappi announced a significant long-term investment at its production site in Gratkorn, Austria, at the end of last year. The project has been implemented and the first volumes of the new wet-strength wet-glue label paper qualities have been produced. To ideally meet industry requirements, Sappi is collaborating with major customers on this project. Beginning in October 2023, the new wet-strength wet-glue label paper, which will be distributed under the “Parade Label WS” brand name, will be delivered to selected customers for longterm field validation. Visitors to the Labelexpo, who are interested in finding out more about the company’s investment in the Gratkorn mill and about the new Parade Label Pro WS, are invited to address Sappi’s representatives directly at the stand for further information.

Targeted focus on availability and fast delivery

To ensure 100% availability and fast delivery of its label papers, Sappi has secured reliable production and seamless supply chains. Whereas label papers in Europe were previously only produced in Alfeld, Germany, in Carmignano, Italy, and in the USA at the Somerset site, Sappi now offers an ideal addition with its plant in Gratkorn, Austria. The state-of-the-art production facilities, covering everything from paper machines to sizing equipment, and decades of expertise in the production of coated papers are the best prerequisites to ensure first-class products. Shorter production cycles enable Sappi to always guarantee availability and fast delivery of its premium label papers.