RTS partner in the growth of Scatolificio Forlivese


Organization, cost control, production efficiency are the basis of a correct company management. Simple guidelines that apply to both large multinationals and small growing companies, just like Scatolificio Forlivese box factory which, with the new RTS management software, looks to the future with renewed enthusiasm.

When we talk about management software, we often think that they are tools suitable only for large companies. How many times it happened to speak with entrepreneurs of small companies, whose work organization, except the administrative department, is entrusted to ‘do-it-yourself’ methods and procedures, because the most widespread feeling is that with a production machine and 10-15 collaborators, it is not so difficult to manage and follow the production flow correctly. Certainly you can continue to manage your company as it has always been done, just be aware that it will not be a management totally under control, both from a cost and production efficiency point of view, and it is clear that there is some risk to lose something.
Or you can take the big step into the world of computerized management of your company, exactly the path taken by Scatolificio Forlivese, located in Fiumana (FC), which has chosen RTS again, after a short period of use of a “generic” system, such as partner for the management system, planning a path that will lead the company to grow further on the market. As tells us Annabella Partisani, sales director at RTS, “we are happy that Scatolificio Forlivese has decided to contact us again because this once again demonstrates the greater efficiency of a vertical system specific to the particular sector compared to generalist solutions of large software houses”.

Small company with big plans for the future

Giampaolo Fabbroni, owner of Scatolificio Forlivese

Scatolificio Forlivese is a company with 15 collaborators and 3500 square meters, where it produces corrugated cardboard packaging, from American boxes to displays, mainly for food industry and large-scale distribution, with a 4-color Emba 245 casemaker with dryer to print also coated cardboard and an automatic die-cutter. The company is organized in two shifts and last year’s turnover exceeded € 6 million.
“80% of our production is for food market, from wine to wraps boxes, just to mention two excellent products of our territory and in the midst of Covid-19 emergency we have increased the production of packaging for our discount customers and for a company that produces sanitizing products”, says Giampaolo Fabbroni, company owner.

Alessandro Padovani, technical and commercial office of Scatolificio Forlivese

From his words, emerged the willingness to invest in new machinery, so much so that if coronavirus problem had not existed, the purchase would most likely have already been finalized.
The will of the owner is in fact to strengthen its production capacity, in order to increase the number of customers satisfying every type of need, including large volumes, as confirmed by Alessandro Padovani of technical-commercial office, and right hand man of the owner.

The management software to support growth
The two companies found each other again after a short period of interruption, which led Fabbroni to choose a well-known generalist supplier. “With this experience I realized that RTS is the leading company in this sector, its specific skills in corrugated cardboard make of RTS the reference point for those who, like us, produce boxes. After all, if companies that are even more structured than ours rely on RTS, there will be a reason”, states Fabbroni.
The new investment in the RTS management software was closely followed by young collaborators of Scatolificio Forlivese, who with passion and enthusiasm faced this new challenge, supported by RTS technicians, in particular Giacomo Gurioli, a young and prepared consultant with whom it was established also a friendship.

Giacomo Gurioli, RTS

“Today the marginality of a company is no longer made on the purchase of raw materials but it is essential to get it internally, with more efficient processes, avoiding unnecessary waste and maximizing the potential of manufacturing machines”, intervenes Padovani, confessing to us that he greatly appreciated the new procedures implemented by RTS which entrusts every single project to a technician, in this case Giacomo Gurioli, who has the task not only of installing the software, but of following its start-up in the first phases, useful for advising the box factory about the right procedures to be implemented. This implies a great mental flexibility of the customer because it means having to review and sometimes change procedures that have been in place for years. “We had a very intense but very satisfying month of collaboration with Giacomo Gurioli and Mauro Mercadante, who was invaluable in managing the budgeting, and we greatly appreciated the consultancy aspect of RTS, which does not stop at installation, and we know we can count on them also in the future”.
Now Scatolificio Forlivese installed the Global RTS package in the basic version. A second step of the project will concern the direct connection with the production for data exchange that will be carried out once the second production line is installed. To date, the machine data are manually entered into the system by company’s technicians, allowing anyway cost control. In the future, RTS Webord option will also be implemented, which provides for direct connection with corrugated cardboard suppliers and the management of shipments with EasySend.
“I am happy to have relied again on RTS products and specialized consultancy, because I am sure that thanks to them we can count on a partner able to support us now, but also and above all in the future”, concludes Giampaolo Fabbroni.