Robipack: consolidated presence in the converting and printing sector


This Voghera-based company has specialized in the design and construction of machines for the industrial packaging sector since 1992. Robipack offers cliché mounters for flexography, automatic warehouses for sleeves storage, rewinders for plastic films and paper and other customized machines designed and built on specific requests from end customers.

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In this regard, Giampaolo De Grandi, founder of the company, explains to us that “Robipack has been present on the market for 32 years, therefore our presence in the sector is consolidated and we can say that it is precisely our long experience that allows us not only to supply customized machines for the single customer but also to respond to the needs of the manufacturers themselves who ask us for personalized advice and designs, especially for flexo machines. Obviously in this case we stop at the project because the machine manufacturer will realize it”.

Robipack’s target are all operators who work in the converting sector, from automation to more specific machines, such as printing machines and rewinders, winders and unwinders for plastic film and paper

Robipack is a family company with few employees but many external collaborators who lend their work on a project basis or according to real needs, and this size “suits us very well, because thanks to the fact that we are small we are able to be flexible but precise and efficient in what we do, in a year we manage to build around five machines, and we are very satisfied because we offer the market products with high technology at an affordable price”, says Giampaolo.

The many installations in Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia, demonstrate that Robipack is able to face an international market and be competitive.

A rewinder with automatic paper change without adhesives and at high speed

We are speaking about the model STIM BA 38 1200 180, completely new that Robipack has developed following customer requests, who needed a high performance, technologically advanced, fast, safe and compact machine.

“Thanks to our low operating costs we are able to produce machines of this technological level at a lower cost which however satisfy customer needs and the new rewinder has absolutely exclusive features such as the automatic cutting and changing system of the material being wound without adhesives up to a speed of 300 m/min, because today customers need ease of use and productivity and this machine really does what it says: one of our customers with a manual machine produced a reel in one minute, with the STIM BA 38 1200 180 he manages to produce three”, says Giampaolo proudly.

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Here in details the features and details of the STIM BA 38 1200 180 rewinder compared to others on the market: shaft-less winder and unwinder; production of different formats, minimum width 300 mm – maximum width 1200 mm, thanks to winding shoulders adjustable in width to adapt the machine to the required format and thanks to special cutting heads; hopper for automatic loading of cardboard cores; automatic cutting and changing system of the material being wound without adhesives up to a speed of 300 m/min; material unwinding is possible in front and/or reverse mode.

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The wound reels can vary from a minimum of 30 m to a maximum of 300 m depending on the thickness of the material being processed. The machine is equipped with electrical DC-BUS system which allows the energy produced by the unwinder during braking to be recovered and inserted into the electrical network to reduce and contain the total energy consumption. Robipack’ s machines are designed and built observing the criteria necessary to obtain the Industry 4.0 benefits.