Ecosystemac: new success for Temac, with eco-friendly machines for eco-friendly materials


TEMAC has recently tested and delivered a machine dedicated to mater-bi film processing. With the new 3 motors machine EMS/IS, the issue of cutting and finishing tubular rolls has been solved once and for all, dividing the work stages in different processing steps.

Temac - Ecosystemac

The machine EMS/IS is already well-known by the market, not only because it can easily process different kinds of materials as plastics, coupled materials, paper and aluminium, but also for an excellent quality/price ratio.

EMS/IS can work mater-bi film but also all thermoplastics materials belonging to polyolefin group or specific materials of the converting production area. Each group is endowed with servo and independent motors: 1 motor in the unwinding unit, 1 in the drawing unit and 1 in the rewinding unit. The machine is projected and built to process mother roll with a diameter up to 1000 mm. and it gives back a finished roll with a diameter of 600 mm. with a working width of 1600 mm. This machine, endowed with 3 motors, can work at a 600 m/min speed and uses a special system that allows saving and re-using energy. This performance is reached in standard working conditions.

These performances, together with an excellent quality of the finished rolls are reached thanks to the servomotor that controls different tensions, during the unwinding and the rewinding phase: this helps a lot also the mater-bi rolls processing.

An industrial PC controls the whole machine: this means not only endless customization chances, but also an extremely user-friendly interface. Moreover, the industrial PC pre-sets the machine for remote connection for a prompt and specific technical assistance. Ecosystemac technology allows also to optimize power consumption, making this machine one of the cheapest to use and keep it going.