Reboot, the weekly live event by Lombardi Converting Machinery’s

Nicola Lombardi, marketing manager Lombardi Converting Machinery

“Good morning everyone and welcome to Lombardi Converting Machinery, today we start a new experiment in live-streaming from our company to reconnect all together, eliminating the distances to show you live demos about our technologies present in the company”, with these words started to speak on Thursday 7 of May Nicola Lombardi, marketing manager of the family business based in Brescia, in one of the areas most affected by Covid-19.

The appointment has become a fixed weekly event, scheduled for all Thursdays in May starting at 2 pm, with a schedule that explained all Lombardi’s technologies and modules, which exactly because of Coronavirus emergency, had in its showroom several machines to be shown.
“I understood that I had to invent something when I started to perceive from all our agents in the world a real concern for what was happening in our area”, says Nicola Lombardi, “our representatives called me worried because of the news, fearing for our health and also for working problems”.
The marketing office that usually follows the technical office in a normal daily activity, became instead the most important department of the company, becoming the reference point for internal and external collaborators connected from home. In fact Lombardi has never stopped, and all the safety procedures have been put in place, Nicola Lombardi, used to choose a sparkling management of the communication aspects, has focused on this new live project that had a huge success (based on real data about the events) and which will also be maintained in the future as a tool to be used. Every Monday, together with the service, is decided the demonstration program to show on Thursday.

“The quarantine sharpened the intelligence and gave me the opportunity to study the software that I used for live-streaming, of which I am conductor and director, because the idea was precisely to transmit a live demo to underline the craftsmanship of the operation, and I think this aspect has been highly appreciated by our viewers. I didn’t want a “packaged and not real” product, built like a good corporate video. Instead we showed ourselves without veils, even taking risks, and this had its appeal. Having opened the doors of our company to the world has made it possible to have hundreds of operators in our sector, competitor companies and journalists glued to the video, as if we were in a demo at the fair. This initiative has revitalized our collaborators, who believed and engaged themselves in this new project”, adds Nicola proud of his initiative.

From a technical point of view, speed demonstrations and job changes were carried out on the Synchroline 430, comparisons between hot and cold printing with the Toro module, all in an informal, true, real way, which is perhaps the most positive that this emergency has highlighted. People today want to start again, and having lost our freedom for a certain period made us understand the importance and value of time, beautiful things, but above all essential things, and talking about a company that builds machines, what could be more true and essential if not to show oneself in shirtsleeves, inside factory to show technologies in operation.
“I think we will continue to exploit live broadcasts also in the future, both when we return to organize physical open-houses here with us in the company, with live broadcasts open to the whole world, but also in the exhibition stands, which will be connected with the factory in Brescia where we can show more machines simultaneously. This will undoubtedly allow us to be able to increase our visibility, containing costs, travel, and equally achieving our goal”.
Lombardi’s Reboot is undoubtedly a fine example of how, with a pinch of inventiveness, instinct and creativity, a company managed to react to a moment of difficulty, proposing a moment of market aggregation around its technologies, with a completely new format, capable of responding to current market needs?