Nordmeccanica’s technology and COIM Group’s Novacote adhesives together to offer the market an innovative solventless solution


    Nordmeccanica and COIM Group have combined their respective know-how and experience in a cooperation aimed at developing a technology suitable for high production and quality performances in the laminating of high barrier structures for flexible packaging.
    The result of the research and the development of the project were presented to the two EMEA sales networks during a meeting organized on January 30th at Nordmeccanica Research and Development Center.
    The day opened with the presentations of the respective companies. Nordmeccanica is a global power in laminating and metallization sector and has always been committed to change the rules in the field because technical innovation is fundamental: if you want to be a market leader, you must also be a leader in innovation. And just Nordmeccanica has patented the solventless lamination process, which was illustrated by the company’s technicians, which foresees the use of steel and rubber cylinders for adhesive coating.During the process the pressure with which the rubber roller is pressed against those in steel is absolutely constant regardless of the rotation speed of the cylinder. In this way the thickness of the adhesive layer is about 80 times thinner than a human hair.
    COIM is an Italian company that has been developing and manufacturing chemical specialties since 1962. Today Coim Group (more than a billion dollars in turnover) is an international reality, present in 4 continents with over 1000 qualified operators working in 5 production plants. It plays a leading role in the production of polyesters, and polyols, polyurethanes (varnishes, adhesives, sealants and elastomers) and special resins for the production of composite materials and coatings.


    Collaboration between leaders

    The goal of all machine suppliers of any kind is to ensure that the equipment is productive, but at the same time to guarantee quality processes: precisely to achieve this, the collaboration between Nordmeccanica and Coim Group was born to develop an innovative technology for the laminating of barrier structures with solventless adhesives; it is known that in laminating of barrier structures (that is metallized films, sheets and highly impermeable polymers to oxygen and humidity) there are still problems in terms of performance and production speed.
    To solve them, the two companies are making the most of their respective skills: the experience in coating techniques and those in formulating adhesives suitable for the purpose. Solventless technology is growing in importance in the world of laminating. Today, COIM Group offers a range of solvent-free adhesives, the Novacote line, specifically formulated to meet the current requirements in terms of emissions, food law legislation and respect for the environment. The advantages of these types of adhesives are obvious and enable to satisfy the current needs of converters. Thanks to the characteristics of the Coim Group’s Novacote adhesive and to those of Nordmeccanica’s solventless technology, users will be able to use this laminating process with the certainty of not giving up on speed and productivity, while maintaining optimal quality of the final product. This innovation stands as a further step in spreading of solventless technology.