New V-Shapes-Designed Substrate Enables 100% Recyclable Sachets with High-Barrier Capability

Christian Burattini_CEO_V-Shapes

With its groundbreaking solution for on-demand production of recyclable 100% polypropylene sachets for liquid and semi-solid products, which can be opened with a single gesture using one hand, V-Shapes revolutionized the single-dose packaging market. Now they have brought to market another important innovation: 100% recyclable polypropylene sachets with high barrier capability. Why is this important? Most high-barrier applications, often required for food and other products, contains a plastic or foil layer that renders the packaging difficult, or even impossible, to recycle. V-Shapes has designed a brand-new type of high-barrier substrate that has been certified by Interseroh as recyclable, with extremely high ratings by this well-known certification organization.

The Details
These two new substrates, reNEW oX-100 and reNEW oX-500, were designed by V-Shapes and consist of a sheet of polypropylene copolymers with a high-performance barrier. They are designed to be detected, sorted and recycled in the industrial waste stream. Interseroh ranked these two products at the high end of the scale in terms of suitability for mechanical recycling and the provision of secondary products.

Because they are mono-polymer construction, they add no polyethylene or PET to the recycling stream that would downgrade their recyclability as is the case with other barrier materials, and their mono-polymer construction makes them widely recyclable around the globe. They also create the same size and weight sachets as other 100% recyclable materials used by V-Shapes.
The reNEW-oX materials are available in several widths, ranging from 70 to 340 mm, to be suitable for both the PRIME and ALPHA machines, from one to six lanes of production. These new materials reflect the 4R concept – Reduce, Return, Recycle, Reward – that is a critical element of any sustainability initiative.