New Aerodinamica installed a New Chopper fan on a new Fosber Corrugator


    New Aerodinamica planted its flag in a new country. “This time we arrived Sibiu, in central Romania, where we worked on a job commissioned by the THIMM Group, a historic company with 19 sites and high-quality promotional displays. Because of its long tradition, the company needed to modernize its plants by installing a modern corrugator in Sibiu to triple the production of corrugated cardboard”, says Paolo Radaelli of New Aerodinamica. This system, manufactured by Fosber, is 112 meters long with a width of 2.8 meters and can reach a maximum speed of 320 meters per minute.

    Thanks to its renowned experience of over thirty years in this sector, New Aerodinamica was chosen to supply the Rumanian company with aspiration and cabin ventilation plants, which are among the main systems enabling to bear the production targets of such an important investment. The aspiration system was designed to meet the needs of the customer and was equipped with the new corrugator, whose performance can reach a peak of 100 mm per side of trimming aspiration, and is up to 1100gr / m2 thick. The trimmings are then cut and transported for 190mt to the press. All this became possible thanks to the latest tearing fan designed by New Aerodinamica, which could easily meet the production targets. In order to reduce the noise of the cutting – especially in case of thick materials- a sound-insulating cabin with 100 mm sandwich panels was installed, thus reducing  the noise levels to 70dB. The drain line of the trimmings was integrated into the pipe of the trimmings of the corrugator through a pneumatic diverter, in order to guarantee an improved performance and a flexible production switch from the old to the new corrugator system. Moreover, New Aerodinamica  designed and built, with excellent results,  the ventilation plants on the cabins of the two corrugator systems, each of which is depressurized by a high efficiency fan with only 3Kw. In order to obtain a correct ventilation and a good air circulation, we identified three spots (two on the sides and one in the centre) where we  installed suction hoods perfectly integrated in the futuristic structure of the cabins. “The supply and installation procedures as well as the testing  were organized and carried out with precision and according to the schedule, to respect  both the work of the other suppliers and the customer’s needs”, concluded Radaelli.