Lucart signs a 10-year renewable energy purchase agreement with Plenitude


Lucart PlenitudeLucart, one of Europe’s leading paper groups, known for the Tenderly, Grazie Natural and Tutto Pannocarta brands, among others, has signed a 10-year Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (Corporate PPA) with Plenitude (Eni) Società Benefit, the company which integrates the production of energy entirely from renewable sources, the sale of energy services and an extensive network of charging points for electric vehicles.

The agreement covers the entire production of a Plenitude wind farm, located in Abruzzo, with a capacity of 10 MW. The generated renewable energy, totalling about 18 GWh per year, will be used to cover a significant share of the needs of Lucart plants in Italy. The agreement, effective from 1 January 2023, will allow Lucart to cut CO2emissions for the purchase of electricity from the national grid by around 30%.

“This agreement fits perfectly into our medium-term energy transition plans. It allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and stabilise our energy costs at a time of uncertainty due to the effects of geopolitical events on the energy market”, said Massimo Pasquini, CEO of Lucart Group.

The operation is part of a broader plan drawn up by Lucart to reduce the climate-changing emissions related to energy consumption, which includes installing solar generation plants at its factories in Europe, installing biomass power plants for the production of electrical and thermal energy, and reducing electricity consumption by the technological renovation of its production systems.