Koenig & Bauer: universal partner for the packaging industry


With the widest range of packaging technologies, the Koenig & Bauer Group is one of the leading manufacturers of printing machines in the world and a reference partner for the international graphics industry

Koenig&Bauer Rapida Offset

Koenig&Bauer was the protagonist of a corporate reorganization which closely involved the offices in Italy and the management, with Peter Andrich, CEO of Koenig & Bauer IT since 2018 and now also head of the historic site in Tavazzano (Lo). After moving the production of flexographic rotary presses for flexible packaging to Wurzburg in Germany, Tavazzano site is the Service reference for the Italian market.

With strategic acquisitions in various sectors, such as technologies for converting and finishing of cardboard packaging or important partnerships such as the one implemented with Durst regarding the printing of corrugated cardboard packaging, without forgetting the historic and consolidated presence in offset and  flexible packaging market, Koenig&Bauer’s range of products and services embraces the whole sector of graphic industry, packaging printing and converting and positions the German manufacturer as a point of reference for the world market. We review in this article the various offset, digital and flexo printing technologies as well as cardboard converting machines and the various products, from software to services that complete the offer of the German manufacturer, with a little bit of Italian heart inside.

Rapida, market leader for large format offset printing and packaging

The range of Koenig & Bauer offset printing machines is able to cover all the formats required by the market today, from the smallest, 50x75cm, to the medium format, 70x100cm with speeds of up to 20,000 sheets/h, up to the largest, 100x160cm. The large format printing machines, Rapida 145 and Rapida 164, with their high performance and revolutionary innovations, represent a reference standard for productivity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness in the packaging sector. The highest printing speeds, up to 18,000 sheets/h, the shortest makeready times, maximum automation and precise quality control systems are the basis of their profitability.

The modern control philosophy based on touch panels and innovative software make simple and easy routine processes such as job changes, completely automated and very quick, but also quality controls by means of measurement and regulation devices of register, density and spectrophotometry of the inks.

Workflows and smart control philosophy based on MIS systems and Apps streamline and optimize business processes, helping to increase profitability.

The new Performance Analytics and Job Optimiser software deserve special mention, designed to optimize business processes and production costs. Performance Analytics allows you to obtain and manage large quantities of data in comprehensive reports and dashboards. Job Optimiser is the useful and indispensable tool that allows you to make the most of the productivity of printing machines by means of a “smart queuing” of orders, reducing set-up and delivery times and therefore respecting deadlines with customers.

VariJET 106, the sheet-feed digital printing that challenges offset quality

Developed based on the proven Rapida sheetfed offset printing technology, the VariJET 106 meets the ever-increasing demand for digital sheetfed printing. Its “hybrid” characteristics, that is the possibility of integrating many solutions typical of the offset world, guarantee excellent printing quality and the high productivity necessary in printing paper and cardboard. Offset color units, flexo coating units and die-cutting systems can in fact be inserted in line with the inkjet digital printing process, based on customer needs.

Koenig&BauerVariJet 106

With a 70x100cm printing format and the possibility of printing paper from 0.2 to 0.8mm thick, VariJET 106 allows you to reach printing speeds of up to 5,500 sheets/h.

The machine can print up to 7 color to offer the widest color spectrum, it uses inkjet technology with fully automatic print head washing systems and print quality control and adjustment systems. These and other innovative features make the VariJET the only solution available on the market today for large format and large volume digital sheet-fed printing.

RotaJET: the digital future of packaging

Maximum flexibility, productivity and quality: these are the characteristics of the RotaJET web-based single-pass inkjet digital printing systems. The highly flexible RotaJET series allows you to print paper and cardboard on webs up to 225 cm wide. In addition to traditional applications, such as printing of books, publications and advertising material, RotaJET is the only technological solution that allows you to meet the needs of new markets such as digital printing of food packaging and decorative printing.

Koenig&Bauer RotaJET_Flexo2

From the optimal combination of precision mechanical engineering typical of roto-offset machines and high resolution inkjet technology (1200x1200dpi), an excellent printing result is obtained even on complex substrates or coated papers, from 30 to 400gsm. The printing speed of 270m/min makes the RotaJET the record-breaking digital printing machine in terms of productivity and high quality standards.

The water-based inks suitable for the food sector, have been tested and validated among those of various suppliers, offering customers various opportunities for choice. The possibility of integrating flexo groups in line for the application of primer, coatings or certain colors testifies the versatility of RotaJET technology.

Many leading companies in the packaging industry have recently partnered with Koening & Bauer Group to significantly improve their packaging design capabilities by developing cutting-edge digital printing technologies, equipment and services. The solutions developed are growing and delivering digitally printed materials ever faster, allowing leading brands to bring increasingly personalized products to market to offer consumers digital content linked to packaging.

All this testifies that RotaJet printing machine is now a mature and consolidated technology capable of guaranteeing continuous improvement in business performance during the process of digital transformation.

XD PRO: reliable performance and efficiency taken to a new level in flexo web processes

Koenig&Bauer Flessografica XD Pro

Combining almost 50 years of Italian experience in flexo printing market with engineering from Germany, Koenig & Bauer has officially presented its next generation XD Pro CI Flexo press which brings reliable performance, process consistency and efficiency to new levels of productivity.

Launched to meet the demands of the just-in-time market in terms of flexibility and high efficiency even with short runs, XD Pro is perfectly suited to print paper and light cardboard in webs, alongside the traditional printing of plastic substrates. The standard configuration includes 8 or 10 colours, while the modular design allows for customized solutions with in-line coating, laminating or lacquering units.

Today, the XD Pro together with its bigger sister XG, CI flexo machine designed for maximum productivity and quality also with long runs, represent a good and efficient technical solution for flexo printing of paper and cardboard products, from glasses to trays, form bags to products for food packaging.

Direct flexo printing and corrugated cardboard processing

Koenig&BauerCelmacch Chroma EvoKoenig & Bauer Celmacch product range includes flexographic printers and rotary die cutters for high definition printing, developed according to the highest technological standards, ranging from entry-level models up to machinery characterized by the highest production and automation standards. Advanced technology guarantees maximum reliability and the highest level of quality and precision. The use of the best components allows you to reduce operating costs for a rapid return on investment.

The latest solution presented by the group is Chroma 2S technology, capable of printing both the inside and outside of cardboard boxes in a single pass.

Printing corrugated cardboard on both sides, without the need to extract and reinsert the cardboard into the machine, allows you to double efficiency and, consequently, considerably reduce production costs. In this way it is possible for box factories to offer a high quality and eye-catching product at a competitive price.

The new innovative 2S technology is available on all Koenig & Bauer Celmacch printing lines, both in the flexo version and in the version with rotary die cutter.

From entry-level models to high-performance production machines, Koenig & Bauer’s extensive range of post-press machines offers the right solution for all production needs.

IPRESS 145 PRO / 145 K PRO, the latest generation of flat die cutting machines

Koenig&Bauer fustellatrice Ipress 145 K PRO dreta HQ

The large format die-cutting machines represent the latest technical evolution of the Koenig & Bauer Iberica proposal.

Starting from the consolidated base of Iberica machines in 100×140 format, Koenig & Bauer has developed the machine with the new electronic feeder of the Rapida 145 series with automatic non-stop feeder. Furthermore, the electronic control device for front registration with the CUT 2 PRINT device for reading the sheet represents an extremely innovative system that does not require periodic maintenance like the systems currently on the market.

The 600 tons of die-cutting pressure guarantee quality and cutting stability with all types of cardboard and corrugated cardboard for a thickness of up to 4 mm. Stripping and blanking sections close the machine and guarantee productivity and quality of the final die-cutting result.

Not just large format, Ipress Pro 106 and Ipress Pro 106 K models represent, together with the top of the range CUT PRO Q 106 SB, one of the best offers on the market in terms of technology, productivity and reliability. The construction is totally European and also in these models the register control takes place with CUT 2 PRINT.

Omega, unlimited versatility in the production of folding boxes

The Omega series of folder-gluer machines, produced in the Koenig & Bauer Duran Istanbul plant, are divided into 4 models and satisfy all the finishing needs required by the packaging market today.

Omega INTRO, available in the 110/145/165 models, is the entry level machine in the range for folding carton, microwave and corrugated cardboard up to wave B. It is possible to produce easily and at high quality linear boxes, automatic bottoms and double wall solutions with up to 4-6 corners.

Omega ALLPRO, available in the 55/70/90/110/130/145/165/185 models, is the true queen of Koenig & Bauer Duran production. Widespread in all markets around the world and known for its robustness and versatility, the ALLPRO series can be configured in different versions, designed to satisfy all customer needs.

Omega ALIUS, available in the 70/90/110 models, is the machine that guarantees high production speeds without neglecting process stability and quality. Suitable for large runs required by the consumer market, it can be configured with Omega Prefeeder for perfect and fast loading and/or with Omega Pack for fully automated box collection.

Omega MAGNUS, in the 210 and 230 models, is the folder gluer for high thicknesses of corrugated cardboard. Widespread in large industrial box factories in Europe and the USA, this solution is characterized by the innovative automatic bottom folding system with Siemens servomotors.

Koenig&Bauer Group will obviously be present with an important exhibition area at DRUPA 2024, presenting many technological innovations which in the future will certainly represent the new guidelines of the global graphic and industrial printing market.

Appointment, therefore, in Düsseldorf for Drupa 2024.