Cartoveneta APCI informatization project continues with the support of RTS


The collaboration between the two companies, started in 2018, is based on partnership logic and RTS is proud to accompany Cartoveneta APCI in its growth process and to be able to consider itself a partner in their success.


Cartoveneta APCI Srl is the box factory owned by Michieletto family, with more than 60 employees and two production sites of over 20,000 m2 covered in Scorzè (VE). The key principles of Cartoveneta APCI are respect for the environment and innovation; the versatility and technical completeness achieved over the years allow to the company to be able to satisfy customer needs in detail, creating a vast range of customized products and maintaining high quality standards.

The experience of Cartoveneta APCI is a beautiful story of a company that with the advent of the third generation has opened up to innovations, finding in this technology the answer to the needs of a market in deep transformation, where e-commerce and personalization of solutions have a precious ally in digital.

Informatization means rationalization, security and optimization of resources

Cartoveneta_prodottiCartoveneta APCI, after a careful analysis of the available software, relied on RTS software solutions in 2018, choosing the Global and RTSv9 platform. Global is the ideal platform for enhancing business while safeguarding application continuity: this RTS architecture, designed specifically for companies in the cardboard world, allows business processes to be harmonized with new technological trends by bringing a vast range of new features in full compliance of previous investments.

RTSv9 is the specific management software for box, corrugator and integrated factories that allows to have full control of the overall process, from the estimate to the final balance. The data are transformed into useful information for the management of the various company areas, allowing a concrete improvement in operations and a saving of 30-40% of the available time that can be dedicated to other value-added activities.

From the beginning, the collaboration between RTS and Cartoveneta APCI was based on the logic of trust. As a first step, an analysis of the current situation of the way of working and all the processes was carried out, carried out with patience and competence by Marco Trastu, Project Manager of RTS and the managers of Cartoveneta APCI, Roberta and Stefano Michieletto of Cartoveneta APCI, this allowed  to build the real and effective informatization project, with the creation of flows for each company area, from purchases to sales. This analysis allowed a fast implementation with immediate results.

The collaborative relationship born between Roberta, Stefano and Marco Trastu during the RTS solutions installation project has become a real friendship, which continues today also thanks to the continuous monitoring of new needs arising after the initial phase.

The initial 2018 project included the installation of EasyStock Finished Product. Thanks to this module, with mobile PCs and correct mapping of the warehouses, it was possible to have a precise and updated situation. EasyStock is in fact the solution developed by RTS to guide operations in warehouses of finished and semi-finished products. The management of logistics operations is managed directly by a system strongly integrated with order management, delivery and production planning and the shipping system.


After seeing the benefits of this module Cartoveneta APCI decided to complete the process with EasyStock Materia Prima in 2021 and, again in 2021, they decided to expand the use of RTS solutions by acquiring the EasyDisplay module, which allows to manage complex packaging, because today the market increasingly requires the production and efficient management of packaging with multiple components, which however guarantee a good profit margin, but this type of product requires more complex management both in the design and production phases. To meet this need, RTS proposes EasyDisplay, which can be considered an evolution of the technical sheet which however offers an innovative graphic environment and new functions optimized for the management of complex packaging, in particular displays. In fact, the graphics provides a “tree” diagram, thanks to which it is possible to define the production flow of each component necessary for the building of the product. The production flow connects all the production phases, consisting of at least one original material, its specific processing and the subsequent product element (semi-finished or finished). The single phase is also completed with the set of accessory materials and equipment required. For each element, in a specific window, the operator defines the new parameters or recalls what was previously coded; based on the type of element recalled, all the necessary technical characteristics are required. From the graphic representation of the product it is possible to modify the production cycle and modify the materials and equipment by operating directly, in graphic form, on the “tree” diagram.


To have an overall picture of significant economic data of a customer in 2023, the company has installed the Customer Dashboard module, one of the modules developed on the Global platform, which allows the visualization of all the most significant economic data of a customer in a single screen and allows you to quickly find the main information related to the customer with the possibility of going into detail about each piece of data. This functionality allows agents to access data remotely and have all the necessary information when speaking with end customers.