European Rotogravure Association launches “Cylinder Trends” initiative with member firms


To promote an exciting development for the rotogravure industry, some member firms of the European Rotogravure Association (ERA) have come together to spearhead a new data-sharing initiative. These member firms will be submitting their monthly figures for billed gravure and embossing cylinders (Europe, Turkey, Russia) to the ERA.

iniziativa ERA cilinder trends

ERA, in its commitment to supporting and enhancing the industry’s insights, will transform these figures into comprehensive visual reports. Through detailed graphics and diagrams, the data will be presented in a manner that is both intuitive and informative.

Participating member firms can look forward to receiving valuable insights from these reports, enabling them to better understand industry trends, make informed decisions, and strategize more effectively for the future.

This initiative underscores ERA’s dedication to fostering collaboration, promoting transparency, and providing valuable resources for its members: by working together, it will be possible to drive the rotogravure industry to even greater heights.

Participating ERA member companies are: 4Packaging, Bak Gravür, Coveris, Constantia Hueck, Huhtamaki, ICR S.p.A., Saueressig,
SWG, Janoschka.

Companies interested in joining this initiative should contact Stefani Dhami, ERA Secretary.