Eco-Sustainable Packaging


Replacing single-use plastics with paper, cardboard or corrugated board, whether recyclable or even compostable, has become a great opportunity for the food packaging industry both in Italy and the rest of the world.

The world of food packaging today has the task of finding solutions to improve the thorny issue of waste that is harmful to the planet. There is a particular to replace single-use plastics which remain pervasive in the food packaging sector, but also aluminium and other materials that may be difficult to recycle and harmful to nature if dispersed without recycling.
The use of paper, cardboard and corrugated board in food packaging is a booming sector, destined to be the only viable way to safeguard the future of the planet.
Novesia srl has a strong technical and commercial partnership with Novatec srl, the market leader in the production of thermoforming machines for trays and containers made of paper and cardboard, such as corrugated board. Novatec has over 500 installations worldwide.
All machines and thermoforming moulds are manufactured in Italy based on custom designs for specific needs.
Thermoformed containers, without the use of adhesives (which would make the container no longer compostable) are mainly used in the food industry for the packaging of baked goods, such as pasta, pizza and cakes; fresh products such as fresh pasta, cheeses, meat and fish; cured meats and fish, or products requiring a vacuum or protected atmosphere. They are also used in classic applications such as pastry trays, picnic plates and much more.
Completing the scope of paper and cardboard packaging for the food industry, Novesia Srl also provides machines for the production of paper cups and carton erecting machines (tray formers) for glued conical trays, used in the fruit and vegetable sector, and other packaging for the fast-food and take-away sector, for supermarket delicatessen counters, for the confectionery industry and much more.
Until now the focus has been on the production of packaging from recycled materials, such as recycled corrugated cardboard, however this contains various glues and additives from previous processes and uses. Today the demand for compostable is foremost and several paper mills, especially Scandinavian paper mills, already have many production lines of compostable and thermoformable products.

Optimizing the performance of folding gluing machines
Novesia srl has chosen the market-leading Canadian company, Impack, which specializes in solutions for delivery of folder gluers.
To optimize the performance of the folding gluing machine in the box making industry, the performance of the overall production line is critical. Using machines that can work at 300/600 meters per minute, that are restricted to much slower speeds by bottlenecks in the process such as manually folding, gluing and packing them into delivery cartons, effectively nullifies the great productivity potential of these folder gluers.
To increase the yield and to take advantage of the potential of the folding and gluing machines, there are two choices: increase the number of staff at the exit of the machine, or automate the exit of the folder gluer, increasing the performance and yields of the machine itself. Impack develops and supplies solutions customised to each customer’s needs.

Novesia: a complete service for the converting industry
Novesia offers a full range of machines for the converting industry, in order to offer the customer a professional consultation across the entire production process.
Automatic die cutting machines, hot-foil stamping machines, folder gluers, internal logistics and handling and palettizing systems, hydraulic presses for paper and cardboard, sheet-to-sheet litho laminators, gluing plotters and paper and cardboard sheeters, complete Novesia’s know-how.
For many years, the company has also been active in the market of second hand machines in the graphic, paper, cardboard and corrugated industry, through a technical and commercial network, operating throughout Europe, able to accommodate and meet the needs of both vendors and purchasers.
All offset printing machines, automatic die-cutters and hand platen machines, folder gluers, rotary die-cutters, casemakers, flexo printing machines, window patching machines and inline and sheet to sheet laminators, wet-end corrugators, etc. are managed.
Novesia manages the entire process of buying and selling, transporting, overhauling and refurbishing of the machines.

Michael Raab, CEO and owner of Novesia srl

Novesia srl – A story that began almost 30 years ago
Michael Raab, CEO and owner of Novesia srl, started his professional career in the graphic and converting industry in 1991 in the Jagenberg Group, a leader for high-level folding gluing machines.
Extensive experience in the paper and carton converting industry since then, today form the foundation of the expertise the company offers through professional consulting, technical and commercial solutions in the packaging, paper, cardboard and corrugated sector.
Work with leading companies such as Jagenberg, Serviform, Foppa Fustelle, Eurograf and Oppliger have enriched the expertise that the Novesia company provides to its customers, providing innovative and comprehensive to drive efficiency throughout the production process.
The packaging sector, despite the difficulties related to Covid19, remains one of the production areas with a high possibility of growth and development.
“With 30 years of professional experience serving clients in Italy and around the world, Novesia can make a difference with reliable and competent advice,” concludes Michael Raab.