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With Coiminks and Novacote ranges, COIM offers producers of flexible packaging a “3 in 1” solution: the proposal of adhesives, coatings and inks from a single supplier represents a peculiarity that makes COIM one of the most comprehensive players in the world panorama of this sector.

coim adesivoEnvironmental sustainability, an absolute priority for COIM, takes shape in this sector according to four main directives:

Development of single-material plastic solutions: in collaboration with CEFLEX, for example, COIM has participated in a project for the creation of single-material packaging that uses recycled PP and, in collaboration with RECYCLASS, is certifying adhesives suitable for mechanical recycling.

Offer of compostable solutions: COIM presents the new Solvent Based NOVACOTE® NE 810 S + CE 510 adhesive, tested according to the EN 13432 standard and OK Compost Industrial certified, according to the TUV Austria, Seedling and BPI standards.

The OK Compost Industrial TUV Austria certificate was recently obtained and renewed for the Coiminks CoLam FX series of inks, which allows converters using certified compostable substrates and components, with ink within the maximum application limit indicated on the relative certificate, to produce materials from compostable packaging.

Regulatory compliance of products: COIM has developed a new portfolio of solvent-less and solvent-based solutions for the production of food and pharma packaging, offering better features in terms of sustainability, technical and application performance, safety and compliance with food contact regulations.

Not-plastic mono-material: single-material packaging has the great advantage of being able to be more easily recycled. For paper packaging, COIM offers a wide range of products with primer, OPV, heat seal coating and moisture and fat barrier properties, allowing combinations of solutions and applications to achieve increasing performance in terms of optics, sealability and barrier. For Alu Foil packaging, thanks to the integration of high molecular weight PES in the production, COIM proposes an innovative series of PVC/styrene free heat seal coatings, taking a big step forward in terms of safety and regulatory compliance for contact with foods.