BST GmbH – Hall 15 stand A157


With a focus on resource-saving production and climate protection, BST aims to provide future-oriented quality assurance and process optimization solutions for the entire plastics cycle.

BST iPQ Surface

One of the key highlights of the exhibition will be the iPQ-Surface inspection system, specifically designed for plastics, films, paper, as well as battery and fuel cell inspection. The system boasts a new, intuitive operating concept and offers exceptional value for money. It enables reliable detection of material defects, such as those caused by temperature fluctuations during the extrusion process or other external factors. Positionally accurate documentation of these deviations in quality allows for downstream processes, including defect rejection. The iPQ-Surface system also seamlessly integrates into Industry 4.0 environments through various interfaces, contributing to process improvement.

In addition to the iPQ-Surface system, BST will present multi-layered solutions tailored to quality assurance in the printing industry, as well as web guiding systems equipped with variable sensors and maximum precision. These technologies address the needs of the plastics and converting industry, facilitating efficient production processes and reducing waste.

BST will also showcase its open-interface digitization solution, SMARTData, which enables the collection, analysis, and processing of quality-related data across all processes. By providing clear insights into key challenges in the circular economy, SMARTData helps customers optimize quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

To further enhance quality assurance in materials production, BST will introduce the TubeScan XL inspection system, which is now available for extensive web widths of up to 1,700 mm. This cost-efficient system, built upon the proven TubeScan technology, offers 100% inspection capability, enabling customers to maintain full visibility of their production processes.


When it comes to web guiding, BST’s camera-based sensor, CLS CAM 100, offers an innovative solution. It allows for precise web guidance based on objects or motifs in the printed image, eliminating the need for additional guide lines. This approach ensures guiding accuracy even in the presence of fluctuations in web tension, enabling high-speed production while minimizing waste and offcuts. BST’s web guiding systems, including the unique rotating frame, FRAMEGuide, with its distinctive design and optimized integration capabilities, provide maximum guiding accuracy and compatibility with narrow machine layouts.

Moreover, BST’s SMARTData solution plays a pivotal role in quality documentation and forward-looking process optimization. By mapping precise quality data from different processes, SMARTData enables complete documentation and analysis, facilitating early detection and removal of defects from the production line. This results in improved production efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced product quality. SMARTData also contributes to predictive maintenance by providing valuable insights into machine and component performance.